It's that time of year....THE OPEN!!!

As many of you know every year the CrossFit community from around the world all take part in The CrossFit Open starting on February 23rd.  A 5 week world wide competition that is the first stage of the CrossFit season.  The top athletes in the Open from each of the 17 regions across the world will move onto Regionals, and from there the top athletes will move onto the Games, the pinnacle of the sport of fitness every year.
For anyone interested in signing up be sure to do so before the deadline which is the last day to submit your scores for workout 1.  If you need help signing up or want more information, ask one of your coaches and they will be more than happy to help you out.

A Fit Family is a Happy Family
     Some of us come to the gym with friends, some with spouses, but this family usually roles into the doors at Oregon CrossFit together.  Whether partaking in Oregon CrossFit's General CrossFit classes, or hittin' PRs as members of the Bend Barbell Club there isn't a day that goes by that you don't see the entire family sweating and moving here at Oregon CrossFit.
Vincent Waller
Have you always worked on your fitenss?
On and off throughout my life. Being in the Air Force obviously forced me to be active. When I separated from the AF I stopped working out. Then a good friend of mine, Collin Robinson introduced us to OC and haven't looked back. 
What are your goals when it comes to fitness?
-To not be dead in 5 years. All the males in my family have passed around the age of 50. I really want to be as healthy as I can be and that means being physically active.  
Who wears the pants in the family?
-My Analogy: the lionesses always think they run everything until they piss off the lion and he roars.
How long have you been at Oregon Crossfit?
-Started the same day as the wife 
Shannon Walller
Have you always worked on your fitness?
-Absolutely not! I have dabbled in fitness on and off my whole life but was never consistent. It wasn't until I stepped foot into OC where it changed my fitness life forever.
What are your goals when it comes to fitness?
-Number one reason is to be pain free. Last 20 years I've had major issues with my back. I was in constant pain but getting myself stronger and healthier I have been pain free for over 3 years. Number two reason is to look good naked, duh! (And secretly try and beat Tiana in all lifts)
Do you always let your daughter know you are stronger than her?
-Always! She needs to know her momma can kick her rear! 
How long have you been at Oregon CrossFit?
-My first day was Sept 11, 2012 (4 y 4 m) 
Tiana Waller

Have you always worked on your fitness?
Not really. I have always been active in sports (soccer and softball) but it wasn't until my parents started going to OC and my mom made me take a class with her that I started really working on my fitness. 
What are your goals when it comes to fitness?
- I want to go to the Olympics! I want to be the best I can be and be the best athlete I can be. I want to reach the highest level of weightlifting and softball possible. 
What about training at Oregon CrossFit has helped your athletics in high school?
-Confidence! I have always struggled with believing in myself and since training at OC, I have seen what my body/mind can over come, which has helped me build my confidence.  I have also become faster (running bases was a struggle for me but now I'm one of the fastest on our team) and stronger!
How long have you been at Oregon CrossFit?
-I started at OC in June 2014. (2 y 7 m) 
- The 2017 CrossFit Open starts February 23rd, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as to when we will be performing the workouts and other updates about how to participate 

- Don't forget about the ENDURANCE class every Wednesday with Coach J.D. at 8:00AM working on building that capacity to breath heavy and keep moving, focusing on pacing through whatever work you have in front of you.

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