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Settling In and Spreading Out
November 2022

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

After returning from our 3+ week trip overseas, Heather and I feel like we now have the "space" to settle in and make this house and city our new earthly home.  At the same time, Sean's roles on World Team's Global Leadership team have him spreading out more than ever.  It's a nice combination to love our neighbors nearby and far away, in the name of Jesus.
Some of our leadership team during the meetings in Cambodia last month. 

Cambodia is one of World Team's largest fields of ministry and the need for the Light of Christ is great.  Our agenda included setting our priorities as a mission organization for next year, planning for our first "all mission" conference next summer (more about that below), and collaborating on new fields of ministry.
World Team is praying hard and working hard to send new teams to this South Asian country that has 299 distinct people groups without the Gospel.  Followers of Christ compose only 0.4% of the population. Will you pray with us for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His harvest field?
After Cambodia we went to Sydney Missionary and Bible College as the "Missionaries of the Week."  The students are all training for ministry and we had more conversations than we could keep track of. We represented World Team and shared about fields of ministry in South America.  Here we are speaking in chapel on raising your family on the mission field.
Sign on the men's room door at SMBC--quite appropriate!

When the SMBC chapel organizers heard that one of Sean's roles is leading the sexual integrity initiative team to help our WT members live in sexual wholeness, they asked me to give my "elevator speech" on helping people avoid porn use.  So, I quickly had to create an elevator speech!  Here it is:

Porn is addictive, destructive and deceptive.  How is it deceptive?  A person viewing porn is looking for love, acceptance and pleasure, but porn cannot provide those.  In fact, porn robs the person of those real things.  If we can realize that Jesus Christ uniquely offers us the love, acceptance and pleasure that we desire, then the deceptive desires of the flesh lose their controlling power over us.  Jesus said, “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”  Think about the love God the Father has for God the Son.  Jesus loves you and me with that same love. What we most desire we already have in Him.

If you were not able to watch our video about our years in Haiti, here is the link.  You might need to double click or long-press on the image on your phone in order to play it.

The video has two songs from City Alight, a Christian worship band based in Sydney, Australia (one of Sean's favorites).
And after these travels came a dream vacation.  Heather and I stayed with friends in New Zealand and we got to visit the Hobbiton Movie Set, the beach where some of Narnia was filmed, hot springs, a dead volcano, a bird sanctuary and we saw lots of sheep, dairy cows, and green grass!  Australia and NZ provided me with 56 new bird species. Fun blessings.
The missions conference at CIU was inspiring.  There are a few Christensens in this photo!

I received many encouraging words on my seminar "Lessons Learned on Multicultural Teams."  Being "multicultural" is inherent in missions, but the future of missions means missionary teams from anywhere to everywhere and that adds a lot of complexity, as well as advantages!
"Oh God! Deliver Israel from all her troubles!" (Psalm 25:22) Haiti too!

The crisis in Haiti continues, with fuel selling on the street for $40/gallon. In Cayes the security situation has improved enough that schools are reopening, with students walking or riding bicycles. The Bible School has no electricity so the leadership is considering how they might reopen under the present circumstances (a solar project is underway, but that will take some time, and money).

Once the Bible School does reopen, it will be more difficult than ever for students to pay their share of tuition.  If you or your church would like to make a year-end gift toward the scholarship fund, our 60 students will be thankful and they will multiply your gift one-hundred fold in their ministries!

Click on one of the Giving Options links below and use the tag "IBL Scholarships."
Sean is on the Agenda Team for World Team's first global conference, where all of World Team and our international partners will gather next summer to learn together, grow together, and "work together to envision tomorrow."

This is going to be fantastic, but also very expensive.  Click on the banner for a short video that explains the purpose of the conference and the need for financial partners to make it happen.  The conference costs about $250/person; the airfare is much more.

Click on one of the Giving Options links below and use the tag "Global 3C Conference."
Giving Options through World Team USA Giving Options through World Team USA
Giving Options through World Team Canada Giving Options through World Team Canada
Prayer Topics
  • Sean will spend a few days in Savannah, GA to visit the teams reaching immigrants with the Gospel.  Some immigrants there have had dreams of Jesus telling them to listen to these Christians!  Pray that Sean's conversations will be a help and encouragement to everyone.
  • Sean has a trip to Toronto in January to help with the advancement of our efforts to reach new immigrants in Canada with the Gospel. We need God's guidance and His infusion of people for these teams.
  • Pray for the MEBSH pastors to lead with courage, hope and love. Haiti's deepest problems are selfish leadership and corruption at all levels. What an opportunity for followers of Christ to show His model of leadership!
  • Pray for God to help us decide on a local church (there are so many good options in Columbia, SC). Pray for Ellie's peace as she "settles here" as well.
  • Pray for Erik's health.  He was making some progress and then we all got influenza A and that set him back.
With love and thanksgiving,

Sean, Heather, Ian, Erik, Joey and Ellie Christensen

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