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Christensen Family and Ministry Update
Christmas 2017

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Haiti is one of many societies which put a high value on your footwear. You can't wear flip flops to school and many people won't go to church if they don't have nice shoes. To go pye atè, barefoot, is a symbol of total poverty. Christmas is an important time to recognize how King Jesus entered the world--pye atè, laid in a feeding trough, born into a carpenter`s home, welcomed by socially worthless shepherds.  He came for everyone and he became like us so we could become like him.  That`s the wonder of the Gospel!
Sean`s first publication in Creole: Sis Faz Nan Lavi Gason an "The Six Phases of a Man`s Life" is in its final editing stage. One young man who reviewed a draft wrote, "I read it three times already! What touched me the most is when you said that God is my Father and He can take care of me even when my own father doesn`t. This is my story because I never knew my dad." A Haitian pastor told me a few weeks ago, "This booklet should have been written a long time ago.  We need this!"  My goal in 2018 is to form a team of qualified Haitian authors to write a book with me called "Honorable Sexuality" for boys and girls, men and women.
Ian has picked his college!  He`s been accepted at our alma mater, CIU, and has received a merit scholarship for close to one third the annual tuition.  Heather worked hard to prepare Ian for his ACT test and he knocked it out of the park. Both of their efforts have paid off. Heather is also leading a women`s Bible study called "One In a Million" by Priscilla Shirer, with a group of American, Haitian and Jamaican ladies.  They love it!
Heather and Ian will go to South Carolina for a week in February for the McQuilkin Scholarship event at CIU and to get Ian some driver`s education. He plans to major in Elementary Education. We are all very aware that this is his last year in Haiti.  He and his good friend Joab hang out a lot.  We got to watch Joab`s baptism a few weeks ago.
Erik and our niece Elisa have become good pals during her stay with us the past four months.  She returns to the States tomorrow and our home will feel an empty spot.  Erik has started driving lessons with Dad on gravel roads in the Haitian countryside. He likes to play the guitar and fix things. Sean is glad to have his help!
(Joab`s sister Sabina joined us for a beach day).
Joey is our big sports fan.  He plays soccer, volleyball and football every week and follows the Packers even when Aaron Rodgers is injured. Joey is narrating the school`s Christmas play this year, "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
(Joey and Lazarre, a local friend)
Ellie likes playing the piano and playing basketball with Mom.  She has the role of Snoopy in the Christmas play. She and Elisa were also good pals these past few months.
Sean visited Suriname as part of his role as Partnership Ministry Director for World Team America`s.  The trip was very helpful for our missionaries there and our relationship with our national partners.  The UNIE church association has asked Sean to speak at their convention in June.  We hope that Heather can go too.
Flights to and from Suriname stop in Trinidad, where Sean and Gary met with our national partners, the ECWI, our WT missionaries, and made preparations for a new missionary couple awaiting their visa approval.  Our America`s leadership conference will be in Trinidad in April. Sean will give a pastor`s seminar beforehand on the dynamics of honor and shame in the Bible and culture.
(Varma, Gary, Sean, Errol)
Now 14 months after Hurricane Matthew ripped through southwest Haiti, one half of the MEBSH church buildings, church-run schools and parsonages have been rebuilt or repaired.  World Team donors made it possible to restore 20 churches, 6 school roofs and 25 parsonages.  That is a major accomplishment!  There remain over 300 MEBSH structures still in need of reconstruction.  If you would like to send additional help, click on

(Baptist Church of Chatry--the pastor is one of Sean`s former students. Like so many churches, the congregation`s homes were damaged as well. This church still awaits repair).
With our house repaired with just some detailing to complete, we`ve been able to show Elisa around southern Haiti and live a bit more normally.  That sure feels good!
Prayer Requests
  • Sean gives a talk this Saturday at the Youth Brigade retreat on social media safety--a big issue everywhere.
  • Sean preaches the morning of Christmas Eve at a church up in the mountains where one of his students is the pastor.
  • Heather`s dad gives a seminar this Thursday (Dec 21) on the role of deacons and pastors in the local church.
  • Heather`s mom is the keynote speaker at the pastor`s wives`retreat here in Cayes, January 12-13.
  • We are asking the Lord for enough financial aid and work study for Ian so he won`t have to borrow money for college.
  • We need new missionaries in Suriname and Trinidad to share the good news of Jesus with religious minorities, and in Haiti: children`s ministry training, youth ministry training, pastoral training, maintenance and solar personnel.
Merry Christmas!

Sean, Heather, Ian, Erik, Joey and Ellie Christensen

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