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I Graduated From a Cane to an
Electric Scooter

I will be 69 years of age in October of this year also in October of this year my loving wife Barbara and I will be married 44 wonderful years. We have 3 very special children, 2 sons and a daughter and they have blessed us with 8 awesome grandchildren, 4 boys and 4 girls

Over the years I have suffered three heart attacks and one stroke, my first heart attack in 1977 at the age of 32, followed by two others over the next thirty years. My stroke was in 2005 one day before my second youngest grandsons first birthday. In 1993 I had two tumors removed, one from my throat, the other from my forehead above my left eye, luckily both were benign. In 2002 I had eighteen surgeries in eight months, to remove skin cancer, tumors and cysts from my head and face.

On top of all this I have also suffered from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis for the last forty years in every joint of my body and I live in constant pain. I have been on all different sorts of prescription meds, blood pressure, Crestor, Lipotor, anti-inflammatory and the list goes on. My arthritis and respiratory problems got so bad that I graduated from a cane to an electric scooter as I could not walk more than thirty or forty feet, without stopping to rest and catch my breath.

At this point in time I was absolutely desperate and I was willing to do anything that was different that may be able to help me turn my health and life around.

An introduction to Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker, a local Doctor of Chiropractic set me on  an amazing journey. She was very honest with me and said she was not sure if she could help me or not, but that she would like to try. After seeing my X-rays she asked me if I just wanted to maintain my lifestyle or if I wanted to try an  aggressive approach to care. I told her let’s be aggressive and if I find that it is too painful, we will drop back to option one.

Its’ been at least five years now since I started my weekly adjustments and I am very happy to say that it was the best decision that I have ever made. After a little over two years I stopped all my medications and have been medication free since. I do take some supportive supplements, Arctic Ruby Oil pills (2 per day) with 500mg Calanus oil per soft gel and vitamin D3 1000 IU (1 per day).

The C curve in my neck has returned to normal, I am one inch taller than I was when I started, I walk standing more erect and have not even used a cane in over three years, nor have I suffered migraines in over three and a half years now. I am also sleeping better.

I give credit to God for my change in health as He watches over and guides Justine, who is my sweet and awesome Guardian Angel. If it wasn’t for Justine and the amazing chiropractic care she has delivered, I might not even be here now typing this story.

Ralph Reesor,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada


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