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Thank You Once Again

Again, another week of record traffic here on for which I thank you. We are not old enough as a site to have much of a Ggoogle ranking. 85% of our traffic is simply folk logging on or referrals from links on other sites (notably financial bulletin boards). I see that those who did come via a Google search were mostly searching for "Tom Winnifrith." The second most common search term bringing in traffic was "Saddam Hussein." I am not sure I quite understand that.

Apparently the site has a small but growing following in Tunisia and Panama. Again I do not understand that either. But you are all welcome.

Next week I shall spend a couple of days in London with a number of CEO meetings and a video lined up. The rest of the time I am away from the Big City. One book finished, the aim is to get a second in by next weekend.

Thank you for continuing to read the site. It is appreciated.



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About my Work on ADVFN

I have known ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers for years and years. He is a peculiar character but we have always got on reasonably well. When he senses that my days at - the site I founded in my bedroom 12 years ago but left behind in September of this year - were drawing to a close he offered me the chance to do some freelance writing for his online newspaper - a new feature of the ADVFN site.

Initially I was a bit sceptical. My experience of writing for PLCs is not good. They can be very restrictive in why you can, or cannot, say. But Clem and his chairman Mike Hodges said there would be no controls.

I tested this in an early article inviting Islamofascists to issue a fatwa against Clem (and myself) and he waived it through and even laughed at my little joke.

And so I progressed. I pushed the point again with a series of articles about penny dreadful Sefton Resources culminating with a piece in which I invited them to sue me for libel. They declined because my comments were all fair.

Not once have Clem or Mike flinched. This is fun. This is editorial freedom. I have written about stacks of companies on ADVFN during the past three months over the course of 130 articles.

On the free to access ADVFN material, I get paid according to how many unique visitors read each article so please do not dissuade you from having a gander.

As with all my free to access material on all sites, I run a précis here on with a link to the main piece elsewhere. Non financial articles appear in full here.

I mentioned the free to access ADVFN material. Well as of Sunday at 12.01 AM there is more. I cannot discuss it here for reasons which are a tad mind boggling but I am sure that ADVFN will be making it clear what is going on. This is a relationship that will run and run...



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Golden Olympic Legacy Issue: Sponsored by Lord Coe

So the Olympics cost the UK £15 billion or whatever but didn't the politicians tell you that there would be a golden legacy? They were, of course, correct. Today it has emerged that Chime Communications (generated £30 million from doing PR for various aspects of the Games) is to buy a firm largely owned by Lord Seb Coe (organiser of the Games) for up to £12 million. Lovely, there is your golden legacy for you.

Move along nicely, Sir. Don't ask questions. The Olympics were a huge success for all concerned and have left a golden legacy for Britain. No buts. No ifs. Do not create a t-shirt bleating about this. You will note that Willy Hague MP has a shareholding in Lord Coe's company. You should not question the State with naughty t-shirts or tweets, you never know where you will end up.

In honour of this golden legacy today's photo is:

My entry on this one is: "The lottery is for poor stupid people, not for me: I am smiling because I have just checked my bank account."


"Thirty two years after Moscow, Seb realises he has won Olympic Gold again and this time he does not have to share it with Steve Ovett"

Tweet your entries by 4 PM Monday to @tomwinnifrith and the most tasteless/wittiest entry by someone following me will win one of our Piss off Argentina mugs.


Most Read Non-Financial Articles This Week


The Real Man Pizza Company t-shirts

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The NHS (and BBC) is not bloody sacred - Angry in a Restaurant

There was I just finishing my meal when at the table next door a bubbly posh bird asked her boyfriend "shall I ask for an NHS discount?" I could not help but stick my nose in and had discovered pretty soon that if you show a card showing you work for the NHS (and unbelievably the BBC) you get a staff discount. I thought of asking if someone who risked his capital to employ people to pay the taxes that funded the NHS and biased BBC would get an even better discount. But I bit my lip. That restaurant will not get my custom again.

Of course if a restaurant wants to offer discounts to NHS staff (God knows the world's third largest employer has enough of them) or BBC workers or members of Al-Qaeda that is its call. It is its commercial decision. But...

I suspect that it is in part driven by the old notion that staff in the NHS/Civil Service/BBC etc are not very well paid. That is simply no longer the case. On average a State sector employee earns more than the average private sector employee. They get longer holidays, bigger pension arrangements, take more days off sick and have greater job security. They are getting bigger pay rises right now despite a "freeze" on pay rises by simply moving up pre-agreed salary scales. So there is no sympathy needed there from those of us in the private sector.

But the NHS does vital work. I shall not even try to argue that case for the BBC as that is, as we know, risible. Yes the NHS saves lives. Nurses are not paid a fortune for doing so - but are not badly paid these days. But they attract my respect. Doctors are paid a fortune and have obscene pension arrangements (and still some of the greedy mothers want to go on strike for more). But the world's third largest employer - I repeat that as I want you to remember that there are only 60 million people in the UK - also employs armies of managers and folks who are not engaged in front line medical treatment or, indeed, in doing anything particularly useful at all.

Perhaps the bubbly bird was involved in the NHS programme to design sex apps for 13 year olds? Perhaps she was on the programme that offers hair removal therapy for transsexual prisoners? Or maybe she is involved in a programme doing something even more useless. The heavy statistical odds are that she was not involved in the delivery of front line medical services but is a bureaucrat. She could equally be a pen-pusher in the private sector but, ceteris paribus, that would involve a pay cut/less sickies/fewer holidays/a lower pension she would have to entirely self fund/shorter maternity rights/etc.

When I asked the bubbly bird if she was serious about the discount she looked at me as if I had just suggested that she was a child molester (she worked for the NHS not the BBC so I guess the odds are against it). Her eyes looked at me as if to say "how dare you attack the NHS?" Well it about time some of us started to dare. The maths do not stack up. The NHS as it stands is an indulgence Britain cannot afford. The idea that all NHS staff should be pitied and cosseted is just a joke.

I think I shall work on a scheme offering a 10% discount at Real Man Pizza Company to anyone who can show that they are self employed or has started their own business. What do you think?



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