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Welcome to the second Tomograph newsletter. For reasons that I am sure that you can imagine, it is rather hard for me to reach out directly to those who have followed my writings for years. And so perhaps you might help by passing this newsletter on by hitting the red button below to anyone who might be interested. Even better get such folks to a) follow me on twitter (@tomwinnifrith) and b) register with the site to receive the newsletter themselves.

After six weeks we are edging towards the point where becomes a vaguely viable financial proposition – a few more twitter followers, people on the mailing list and readers would not do us any harm. In advance thank you greatly for assisting in this point in the development of this site.



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Dealing with Rejection - This is not a serious investment site: It’s official! (How can I cope?) But it has been a Good Week

The Share Society is a not for profit organisation established to speak on behalf of all private investors. That is whether we agree with what it says or not, it claims to speak for us. Since we cannot by definition all have the same interests it is a bit of a grandiose claim but generally it is on the right tack. It has been bang on the money on Lighthouse (LGT). Conceitedly, I thought that my comments here on Norseman (NGL) and elsewhere on Universe Group (UNG) would have struck a chord. And so I reached out to the bloke who founded ShareSoc, Roger Lawson, and who at once became its chairman and - will I suspect - stay in post for quite a while and suggested that we might co-operate a bit. 

On Friday came the damning response. 

Have had a look at this and talked with my board directors about it. They were not particularly enthusiastic and your web site appears to be more like a personal blog than a serious investment site so I don't think we would wish to have a link to it (there are so many of those kind of blogs, we have to draw a line somewhere).

Ouch. I had a look at the board of directors. At least two of them are either using photo-shopped images of themselves or can only look like that as a result of several generations of inbreeding within 3 miles of the nuclear facility at Sellafield. But I am sure that they are all a fine bunch of fellows. 

It is perhaps a bit rich to be so down on personal blogs when I note that the ShareSoc website contains a personal blog from, er Roger Lawson, where the views are described as his “personal” views. To be fair to the pompous Roger, his blog does stick to gripping matters such as his detailed thoughts on the Kay report on corporate governance. If you are having problems sleeping right now and the Olympics under-water weightlifting (an event designed by the Lebanese Judo team for Israeli athletes only) is not doing it for you, I would heartily recommend Roger’s blog. There are no Swedish birds, no jokes, no articles that no-one else would dare to print, indeed absolutely nothing of any interest whatseoever. It is indeed very personal to him in that I cannot imagine that anyone else reads it. But Rog is correct. With so many personal blogs he has to draw a line somewhere. 

Anyhow this blog ploughs on. Away from the rather outspoken articles, cheap jokes and provocative photos which are attracting more readers every day there is- I think some serious investment thought now and again. In fact I was planning to post a new share tip here during market hours on Monday. But maybe Roger is right and what the world needs is yet another 3000 words on the nuances of a report on corporate governance. Unlike personal blogs of which “there are so many of these kind” you can never have too many thought pieces on corporate governance. 

I kind of think that in terms of battling for private investors as the City screws them over again and again, people already know where I stand. But I would not claim to speak for anyone other than myself. Roger should note that merely claiming to speak for everyone does not actually mean that you do. And there are different approaches to speaking out. Roger has his method and I have mine. I note that two years after launching Share Soc is followed on twitter by less than 60% of those who follow this blog 6 weeks after its launch. And guess whose following is growing more rapidly. 

I also think his last sentence rather gives a hint to his world view. “there are so many of these kind of blogs”. These kind. His words. He seems to spit them out. I rather suspect that Roger would like there to be fewer commentators on shares, fewer folk speaking out having their say. Leave the battling on behalf of private punters to those who are establishment fellows who are properly qualified to speak on the matter. The little people need leaders. Little people should not try to think or speak for themselves.

ShareSoc: someone has to think for and speak
on behalf of the ordinary man

It is the view of a man from the generation where newspapers were the primary source of information. Yes they could hold Government and the City to account but increasingly they did not because (like Roger and his board) they come from the same clubs, class and mindset. Many in that generation resent bloggers because they are not part of the “club.” They can speak with a freedom and aggression that papers cannot and in many cases it is bloggers not the papers that in areas such as exposing political sleaze have made the running. I would welcome the same shift in share commentary – with articles written by those not being spoon fed by PR birds. I welcome diversity. I sense that Roger fears it.

On shares as on everything the more folks speaking out the better. If they have nothing interesting to say (like Roger) no-one will read their blogs. But the more folks with an opinion, the more lively the debate and the more folks that will become engaged which makes it easier to hold the toes of the establishment to the fire.

Roger the (old) codger can preach as he wishes but it seems that there are not many of those he claims to represent who really want to hear his sermon. Well that is enough on the pompous Roger and his company operating from a PO Box in the part of Kent which is really an extension of London’s less Bohemian suburbs. Here endeth the lesson.

Away from the crushing rejection by codger, it has been a week of highs, tempered by the ongoing disappointment that Damian Conboy’s friend the Playboy PR bird still has not contacted me to assist me with my desire to improve my networking skills in the Autumn. saw its highest ever one day traffic earlier in the week. A writer, who I think is wonderful and almost made it onto my blogroll of heroes, praised the work here by email. The terms for writing my second e-book have been agreed. I got chatted up by a 27 year old with great legs. I am not interested but it was flattering anyway (younger readers wait till you are a middle aged man and you will appreciate it). I managed to record and upload a video here very quickly, my weight fell again and writing articles on everything from free speech to the holocaust and Facebook continues to give me a pleasure I have not felt in years. Oh, and I have almost finished reading a book even if I have not yet started writing two books.

Thank you for continuing to support this blog. As I noted above we are getting to the stage where financial viability (do not worry no spam is planned) is on the horizon. A few more twitter followers and readers and we are there. So if you can forward this newsletter onto any mates who might be interested and urge them to follow @tomwinnifrith on twitter (for alerts on all articles I write plus a few thoughts just randomly tweeted now and again) and register with the site I would be very grateful indeed.

Enjoy the week ahead. As I head off to Albania and do not watch the Olympics, I intend to.

Tom Winnifrith


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Boris Johnson special

In the week that Londoners get to a) have their lives wrecked by the Olympics, b) get to see celebs whizzing past in their special limo lanes, c) become the bull’s-eye target for Al Qaeda and d) start to work out how much this is all going to cost, our caption contest can only feature one of those responsible. Cripes. Blimey. Jeepers.

It is shagalong with Mayor Boris Johnson.

Tweet your entries by 4 PM Monday to @tomwinnifrith and the most tasteless/wittiest entry by someone following me will win one of our Piss off Argentina mugs.


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