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The house is a mess. Go to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £400

Belatedly I turn my attention to a report by the Centre for Social Justice, a think tank founded by Iain Duncan Smith, which seeks to address the issue of coercive partners by creating a new criminal offence. Apparently domestic abuse affects two million people a year, most of them women ( so that is about 1 in eight UK households where folks live together) although I wonder the exact providence of that statistic. Anyhow I shall allow the made up statistic to stand and now just quote from an article in the Daily Telegraph:

“The CSJ report, written by Elly Farmer, a clinical psychologist, and Samantha Callan, a senior researcher, argues that the new offence is needed to stop people employing strategies to put themselves “in a position of absolute power over the victim”.

This could include depriving their partner of money, or making requests which become more and more unreasonable including stopping them seeing friends or checking “levels of cleanliness” about the house.

Other cases could include locking their partner up or making threats of harm to children.

Many women seeking helps from refuges do so because they are suffering exactly this form of abuse, the authors claim.

They add: “We have a particular duty towards victims of coercive control. In straightforward terms, although they may walk past us in the street, they are living the lives of tortured prisoners - yet without the public outrage.

“Significant numbers are killed every year, or commit suicide, and thousands of others end their lives as ghosts of their former selves.”

Exactly how many women are killed each year because they were driven to despair by their husbands complaining that the house is a mess? Might Elly consider that such a request actually be reasonable if the chap works, the wife does not and the place is a pigsty? Who decides how much of a pigsty is acceptable?

How much money do I have to give my non working partner? What is reasonable? Should the courts decide (within marriage) how money is divided? On the other hand, I assume that if I threaten to harm kids or lock my wife up I am actually already committing a criminal offence already.

I am sure that Elly is a well intentioned soul but IDS knows better than most that the UK already has too many laws, not too few. This proposed new law either addresses matters already covered by law or brings the State into matters in which it has no business. If Elly can persuade me that the Courts are best placed decide on what is an appropriate level of distribution of free household income and household cleanliness what is next? Can I be coercive if I force my Mrs to do the washing up more than 5 days a week? This is nanny statism at its very worst.

On other matters, I am now off into the wilds of Southern Albania and Northern Greece. I shall write every day but upload only when I have an internet connection and so that will be irregularly. Articles will, like London buses, come in threes and fours. Or perhaps like London buses under mad Red Ken, in 10s and 12s.

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Mitt Romney & His Horse

Mitt Romney made no gaffes while in London. But has his horse gaffed? You know the one competing in the Olympics dressage (ballet dancing for gee gees) for the USA. I neither know not care. But if I was an American voter I would be pretty riled that Romney claimed $77,000 in tax deductions for keeping his pony. But as I suggested earlier this week, this could be the least of Romney’s tax worries – for more read here.

And so in honour of the great tax minimiser this week’s caption contest features a pampered dumb animal with no idea on how to fix America and also Mitt Romney’s horse.

Tweet your entries by 4 PM Monday to @tomwinnifrith and the most tasteless/wittiest entry by someone following me will win one of our Piss off Argentina mugs.


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