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President's Piece
So much has happened since our April issue including the 13th National CBCA Conference and now they’re laughing which took place on the first weekend in June. An enthusiastic contingent of WA delegates made their way to chilly Canberra to listen to a record number of children’s literature presenters and to cheer on our homegrown stars – Michael Speechley, Kelly Canby and Meg McKinlay – as they acquitted themselves well and did us proud. Current Australian Children’s Laureate, Morris Gleitzman opened the conference with a thoughtful keynote address on 'the many ways humour suits literary purposes'. His predecessor Leigh Hobbs entertained dinner guests at the National Arboretum with highlights from his term as ACL and glimpses from the next Mr Chicken book where the feathered tourist travels around Australia. The incomparable Paul Jennings was presented with the CBCA Lifetime Achievement Award and I honestly can’t think of a more deserving recipient. Congratulations to Conference Convenors Margaret Hamilton and Dyan Blacklock on a stimulating, thoughtful and entertaining program. These are just a few of my highlights; you can read more from various other delegates later in the newsletter.

Of course it wasn’t all fun and laughter as there was also the serious business of the National AGM to attend to but it was a lovely opportunity to meet face to face with my Branch President counterparts, to discuss all the wonderful work being done to celebrate CBCA Book Week and to connect children to outstanding Australian children’s literature in the various states and territories.

My sincere thanks to Mary Gimondo and Suzanne Pearse whose dynamic team I joined to draw up the WA Branch Constitution (dated May 2019) in accordance with the requirements of the Western Australian Associations Incorporation Act 2015. Compiling this important document was an enormous and time-consuming task. A copy has now been lodged with the relevant government department and members can download the document from our WA Branch website.

Now our attention turns to August with preparations well underway for CBCA Book Week celebrating the theme of Reading is my
SECRET POWER!  Merchandise has been despatched (but we are still taking orders), the dinner venue has been booked, our judges are reading the masterpieces entered in the Make Your Own Story Book competition and soon we will be seeking entries in the Recipe/Story competition sponsored by Healthway and their Go for 2&5 program.  I look forward to seeing photos of the creative displays in your schools and libraries inspired by Bob Graham’s CBCA Book Week merchandise designs so please share them via our Facebook page or email them to me at janbooks@bigfoot.com.au

I hope you have reserved Friday 16 August for a great night of fine food, entertainment and storytelling with guest speaker, Mark Greenwood. Get some friends and colleagues together and book your table now!

Welcome and many congratulations to our new Editor, Beck Borona, on what I’m sure you will agree is an impressive first issue. The newsletter is packed with useful articles, images and news from the children’s literature world and we hope you find it both entertaining and informative.

Best wishes and happy reading!

Jan Nicholls
CBCA WA Branch President 



2019 CBCA Book of The Year
Judges Talks

This year three Short List Judges Talks are being undertaken for the CBCA Book of the Year Awards.

The first event occurred at Oasis House on Wednesday 24 April and combined the Book Discussion Group and Judges Talk.  Merchandise Co-ordinator Trish Montgomery displayed the Book Week merchandise, giving the attendees the opportunity to be the first in the state to see Bob Graham’s designs.

This Talk trialled a new format where members of the Book Discussion Group spent three minutes discussing one of the Shortlisted books.  The two Judges discussed the books in the categories they judged; Anne-Marie Strother discussed the Older Readers and Felicia Harris discussed the Younger Readers.  This was a fast paced, interesting and well-received evening, with guests enjoying supper, a drink and a chat before and after the event. There were 26 attendees including the 2020 -2021 Judges Sandi Parsons (Early Childhood) and Jan Pocock (Younger Readers).    

The second event was held at the Armadale Public Library on Sunday 5 May and hosted by Librarian Shirley Reilly. The judges, Anne-Marie and Felicia discussed the Shortlisted books for the categories they judged. They also talked about the Shortlisted books in the other categories and the judging process, giving some insight into the two day CBCA BOTYA Judges Conference that was held in Brisbane. The Shortlisted titles and Book Week merchandise were on display and catering was provided by Butterfly Catering.

Sincere thanks to Shirley and the staff from the Armadale Public Library for providing the venue and making the event so easy to organise.

Thank you to the CBCA WA Committee members who attended and helped at the events, and to the two judges for their insights into the Short Lists and the judging process. A special thank you to Angela Briant, who provided the Shortlisted books for display at these events.

Photo Gallery
Last chance to find out all about the Short List titles!
Sunday 30 June
 Wanneroo Public Library
Bookings are open and places available
  Attendees receive a Professional Development Certificate.
Buy Your Tickets Here

After six years as a CBCA Book of the Year Awards Judge, the Wanneroo event will be the final Judges Talk that Anne-Marie Strother will give on behalf of CBCA WA Branch. We thank Anne-Marie for her dedication, time, effort, professionalism and her willingness to travel from the country to the metropolitan area to present at our Judges Talks events over the years. 

Felicia Harris
CBCA BOTYA Short List Talk Coordinato

2020-2021 CBCA Book of
The Year Judges
Sandi Parsons
Jan Pocock
Many of you might have already met Felicia Harris (YR) or Anne-Marie Strother (OR) at our Judges Talks or perhaps you have booked to attend our event at Wanneroo Library on Sunday 30 June (please book here) but as our current judges come to the end of their judging process (and already know the winners that will be announced at the start of CBCA Book Week in August) our two newest judges have just embarked on their reading journey. Sandi Parsons is judging in the Early Childhood category and Jan Pocock in Younger Readers. We asked them these questions:

Where do you work and what’s your official title?

Sandi: West Balcatta Primary School, Library Officer

Jan: I work proudly at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School where I am the Teacher Librarian.
What was your favourite book as a child?

Sandi: Just one? I loved reading Enid Blyton books. I could be frequently found rereading the Trixie Beldon series or The Silver Brumby books.
My first book-related memory is carrying a large size Dot the Kangaroo book  (which had pictures taken from the film) and reading it aloud to everyone who would listen - clearly making it a favourite too!

Jan: My favourite book as a child was The Silver Brumby, by Elyne Mitchell.  I still have my copy, a gift from my grandparents, and still re read it!
Where is your favourite place to read?

Sandi: I’ve never had a favourite place to read, possibly because reading was an easy past time during my seemingly endless and somewhat boring physio sessions or while waiting for doctors’ appointments.  It’s not something I’ve ever needed to be cosy and comfortable to do.
I read everywhere. When my son was little, you’d frequently find me sitting on the front kerb reading while he rode his bike up and down the street.

Jan: My favourite place to read…. In bed, in the sun, on the loo, sneakily during meetings.  Actually it doesn’t really matter, I will read anywhere!
What were your feelings as you opened your first box of books?

Sandi: As a book nerd, I find opening a box of books is full of joy and maybe a little like Smeagol looking at the ring before he turned into Gollum.

Jan: Still waiting!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Sandi: There’s no inappropriate time to eat cake – including at breakfast.

Jan: A lovely and very successful Principal told me to learn to manage my facial expressions in meetings.
2019 CBCA Book Week Merchandise
A dedicated group of CBCA WA Branch committee members and volunteers gave up their Sunday to pack merchandise orders on 26 May. Thanks to everyone who attended, especially our newest recruits Sheena Matthews and Jane Stanton for whom it was their first packing day. A big thankyou to Barry Stanton, Jenni Woodroffe and Trish’s friend Liz who also joined the throng – many hands do indeed make light work. Special commendation to Trish Montgomery for the hours of preparation and organisation prior to the day and to Aniek Ragan for delicious catering.

If you forgot to place an order for CBCA Book Week merchandise we have stock available so download an order form from our WA Branch website and we’ll send the goods to you.

Jan Nicholls
2019 CBCA Book Week
The theme for the 2019 CBCA Book week is...

Reading is my

We would love to see your ideas for displays and activities you have planned for CBCA Book Week. Please share your ideas to janbooks@bigfoot.com.au, or to the CBCA WA Branch Facebook Group!
2019 CBCA Book Week Dinner
Buy Your Tickets Here
Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund
The Penny Hutchens Memorial Fund, a CBCA WA initiative, provides an organisation that cares for children with a donation of books to be used in its programs.
The linked article from the Joondalup Times describes the CBCA WA Branch's involvement with The Spiers Centre's Bedtime Bundles Appeal.

Book appeal for Perth families in crisis - Joondalup Times

A big thank you to Chloe Mauger and Gail Spiers!
Travelling Suitcase
During 2018 The Literature Centre at Fremantle kindly offered and gifted the Travelling Suitcase to CBCA WA. The content is part of the Booklinks Travelling Suitcase Program which was loaned around Australia when Jackie French was the Australian Children’s Laureate in 2014-2015. It contains:
  • laminated newspaper articles and information about Jackie French
  • A3 posters promoting series such as Phredde the Fairy and individual titles including A Rose for the ANZAC boys
  • a collection of twelve of Jackie’s books – both picture books and novels
  • magazines with author articles
  • a USB and DVD with ideas and author information
  • roughs and final copies of artwork by Sue de Gennaro, who illustrates some of Jackie’s texts
  • folders containing display and activity ideas, rough drafts and storyboards
  • realia such as cards, postcards and bookmarks
  • a soft toy hairy-nosed wombat.
 During 2019, I have displayed the Travelling Suitcase at the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) and Penrhos Junior School libraries where I work. My focus was using it as a display to showcase the works of a great Australian author and encourage students to read high quality Australian literature. However, as it contains folders with teaching ideas, it could be used in individual classes by interested teachers. It is suitable for primary and lower secondary aged students. If you would like to borrow the Travelling Suitcase for your library or school please contact the coordinator Sue Stopher via stophers@iinet.net.au

Liz Allen
Make Your Own Story Book Competition  
Photo Gallery

The MYOSB Competition closed on the 7 June and coordinator Denise Robins, with the help of Heather, Michelle and Mason from Westbooks, boxed and loaded the many boxes of entries into Denise’s car.

On Sunday committee members and judges met at Oasis House to view and sort approximately 600 entries. The variety of storylines, illustrations and presentation formats was impressive. It was obvious that the budding authors and illustrators had put much thought and effort into the production of their books.

Later this week the judges will meet to discuss judging ideas and criteria and share information and experiences. This year we welcome four new judges and the return of two judges who had taken a break. All the judges are looking forward to collecting their entries and starting to read.
Thanks to everyone who encouraged their children, friends or students to enter or supported our authors and illustrators in their efforts.
 Happy reading!

Denise Robins
MYOSB coordinator
2019 Recipe Story Competition  
The Recipe Story competition will be on again this year and is open to all WA children from years 1 to 6. The competition is run as part of CBCA Book Week in WA and is proudly sponsored by Healthway promoting the Go for 2&5 message. It is a creative way to encourage young bookworms to eat well, keep healthy and be in the running to win fantastic book prizes.
Students can enter either as part of a class/school entry or individual entry. The competition opens at the beginning of July and concludes at the end of August. 2019 details will be available on the 
WA Branch website after 1st July.

Jane Stanton
In Memoriam
Beloved children's author Judith Kerr passed away on Wednesday 22 May, at the age of 95.
To read some obituaries, please visit the
Judith Kerr Facebook Page or The Guardian website.

Image credit: Judith Kerr Facebook Page.
Illustrator Margaret Power passed away on 20 May. One of Margaret's well known works was the illustration of Just Dragon by WA author Liliana Stafford.
To read an obituary, please visit the Books Illustrated website.

Image credit: Books Illustrated website.
Respected author Christobel Mattingley passed away 1 June, at the age of 87.
To read an obituary please visit the Books and Publishing website.

Image Credit: Allen & Unwin
Book Discussion Group
June 26
What I Like About Me
by Jenna Guillaume

UWA University Club
Members' Room
7.00pm - 8.00pm
July 24
The Honeyman and the Hunter
by Neil Grant

Oasis House
37 Hampden Road
7.00pm - 9.00pm
August 28
Promise Me Happy
by Robert Newton

UWA University Club
Members' Room
7.00pm - 8.00pm
CBCA WA Branch Constitution
The WA Branch Constitution has been rewritten in order to comply with the Associations Incorporation Regulations 2016 under the Western Australian Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

Please view the updated document
2019 CBCA National Conference
Photo Gallery
The 13th CBCA National Conference was held in Canberra on 31 May - 2 June. We asked some of our WA delegates about the highlights of the conference...

Getting to catch up with east coast colleagues - and getting to hang out with my west coast buddies!

James Foley
Meeting new friends, spending time with old friends and all the important conversations that were had. And the laughs - children’s book writers, all of them, are very very funny people! The panel with Meg, Zoe Norton and RA Spratt has the potential to be one of my favourite sessions because all three had insightful, funny, good things to say. I enjoyed James Roy the few times I heard him speak - I like his kind of humour. And Matt Cosgrove was a real surprise delight. What a nice chap! And Pete Carnarvas too. Bren MacDibble and Karen Foxlee were so charming and warm and I also loved listening to Bruce Pascoe. I could sit and listen to Davina Bell talk for hours! She’s so passionate about books! And one quick last shout out for the conference food!! Incredible.

Kelly Canby
A highlight for me was Mark MacLeod saying it isn't enough to support small publishers/bookstores etc in principle. Don't just say "Oh, we love that you're doing that/so glad you exist". You have to actually get in your car - literal or figurative - and GO AND BUY THE BOOKS!

Meg McKinlay
I agree with Meg about Mark. I thought that whole segment with the small publishers was one of the best. Also really impressed with Bruce Pascoe. The journey forward will be greatly helped as teachers embrace Young Dark Emu. It’s time to rewrite history. It really was great to network with WA folks and meet lots of new people. Loved the whole experience. You’re a fantastic bunch.

Cathy Levett
I agree about Davina Bell. She is so enthusiastic and excited about what she does and the session with her, Rochelle Manners and Mark MacLeod was great. I also loved the Danny Katz/Mitch Vane/Andrew Hansen/Jessica Roberts session. And Emily Rodda is all class!

Francine Nababan
Paperbird Fellowships
Image credits: Renae Hayward Facebook Page

Congratulations to Matty Mitchell and Renae Hayward who are the recipients of the Paperbird Fellowships for Term 2. We look forward to meeting them at a future date and hearing all about their residencies. Thanks again to Jen Jackson and Paperbird for this invaluable support of our emerging artists and writers.

Jan Nicholls
WA Premier's Book Awards 2019
Congratulations to all those shortlisted recently in the various categories of the WA Premier’s Book Awards. It is wonderful that these important awards have been revived so that Western Australian writers can have their work recognised, celebrated and rewarded. For more information please click here.

Jan Nicholls
Rock & Read
Kids and parents were offered a lovely day of entertainment and fun at Samson House, Fremantle, on Saturday 18 May.
The National Trust hosted the event filled with craft, games, readings and music. Barry Divola covered some rock tunes with the lyrics exchanged for the alphabet, and Kelly Canby speedily showed off her charming illustrations as her new book Rodney was read aloud to the audience. Kathryn Lefroy discussed Alex and the Alpacas Save the World to some older readers, while
Teniele Arnold, Fiona Burrows and Norman Jorgensen read their books on the picnic rug surrounded by smaller, enthusiastic listeners.
Beck Borona
I really liked listening to all the authors and their books and stuff. [After volunteering to read a book aloud to the younger children] I was really nervous at the start but then it was really fun when I got going. I love books!
Emma (age 10)
Fremantle Press
Great Big Book Read
What a sensational evening hosted by Fremantle Press at the Edith Spiegeltent at ECU Mt Lawley. As we walked through the door we were treated to the sight of the most spectacular grazing table I have ever seen, prepared by Tapas Addict. After buying a drink, sampling the food and chatting, I had the privilege of witnessing the launch of four new titles from our local publisher Fremantle Press. I heard readings by four local authors, one of whom was my long-time friend Norman Jorgensen showcasing his new YA title The Wreckers’ Revenge and as expected the chosen excerpt did not disappoint.

The Fogarty Literary Award Announcement commenced with the presentation of certificates to the longlisted authors, followed by presentations to the three shortlisted authors who have been offered contracts with Fremantle Press. The climax of the event was the awarding of the Fogarty Literary Award by Annie Fogarty to winner Rebecca Higgie. Rebecca talked about her story The History of Mischief and thanked her husband for his support. The evening concluded with guests clamouring to the sales table to purchase signed copies of the launched titles Alex and the Alpacas save the World, Rodney, Violet and Nothing, Meet me at the Intersection and of course The Wreckers’ Revenge.

What a pleasurable evening to be immersed in such local talent. These authors are ensuring our young readers are able to access a variety of titles to suit all ages and are well supported by Fremantle Press, our local publishing house.

Jennifer Robertson
CBCA BOOK Week Production from Perform! Education
2019 CJ Dennis Poetry Competition 
A call out to all our young poets and any interested judges
from the CJ Dennis Society

The CJ Dennis Society is a non-profit organisation that in conjunction with The Singing Gardens of CJ Dennis in Toolangi holds an annual poetry competition.
We are trying to encourage as many younger people to participate in the competition with the hope of expanding the competition but also the Society membership in years to come. Therefore is there any way you can assist in promoting our competition to children in primary and secondary schools?
We are always on the look out for judges of our poetry over a number of categories. Do you have any members that may be interested in fulfilling this role from time to time?

For more information, please contact thecjdennissociety@gmail.com
Recent Book Launches From WA Authors and Illustrators
Pearl Verses the World (10th birthday)
by Sally Murphy
Published by Walker Books Australia
A special still in print ten-year birthday celebration was hosted at The Literature Centre, Wednesday 15 May, for Sally Murphy's novel Pearl Verses the World. Sally shared her similarities with Pearl's character and heartfelt tributes were made with passages from the book, and letters to the author were read aloud by pint-sized members of the audience.
Joanne Morrell
Sally has the ability to make adults and children scream with laughter or sob at the turn of a page. Then why has she never had a book launch? Because she believed that no one would come. The many letters written by students in those 10 years and the great turnout for the birthday show that her fears were unfounded. Pearl’s story connects deeply with both boys and girls and as Lesley Reece founder and director of the Literature Centre says, “If it is a good book, then it will speak to you.” Pearl Verses the World is a work that speaks to the child in all of us.
Rebecca Palmer

Images below supplied by Cindy Lane (SCBWI)
What a joy to be surrounded by friends, family, fellow creators and the children's book community to celebrate Pearl's tenth birthday. When Pearl started telling me her story, I could never have imagined how much her story would touch people, and that I would be here celebrating ten years in print. 
I may have had to swallow a few imposter nerves to front up to this event but I loved every minute of it. Thanks so much to everyone who attended!
Still smiling.

Sally Murphy
A Construction of Cranes
by Margaret Robson Kett and Caitlin Ziegler
Published by Kettlestitch Press
On Sunday 12 May, a construction of cranes was hard at work in the courtyard of PaperBird Books in Fremantle, not lifting loads but building stories for an appreciative audience of young and old picture book lovers.  A Construction of Cranes is a poetic and visually-stunning ode to the cranes we see every day across our urban and city skylines. The rhythmic, evocative text is paired perfectly with striking digital and mixed-media collage illustrations depicting towering cranes as they lean into the sky. Now resident in Melbourne and a co-director at Kids Own Publishing, Margaret will be known to many CBCA WA members for her role as a past CBCA WA Book of the Year Awards judge, a librarian in Perth metropolitan public libraries and with the State Library of Western Australia’s Better Beginnings Program.  The Perth event also saw the launch of Margaret’s independent publishing house, Kettlestitch Press
Congratulations, Margaret, from all your CBCA WA friends!

Nola Allen
Little Book Bites
If you have a picture of a child, pet or any other interesting-bookish moment you'd like to share with our community to feature in our electronic newsletter, we'd love to see it! Please email it to beckborona@gmail.com
Dates for Your Diary 
When Billy was a Dog
Book Launch

by Kirsty Murray and Karen Blair
Published by Allen & Unwin

Friday 14 June
The Literature Centre,
Old Prison Hospital
Cnr Knutsford St & Hampton Road, Fremantle

RSVP to info@thelitcentre.org.au
2019 CBCA Book of the Year Awards Judges Talks
Sunday 30 June
11.00am for 11.30am - 1.30pm
Wanneroo Public Library
3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo
(Parking off Yagan Square)

Please book here by June 27.
Woylie Festival Schools Program
Story Time: Australian Children’s Literature Exhibition
The National Centre for Australian Children's Literature has contributed 69 treasures to the National Library’s upcoming exhibition.

19 August 2019 - 9 February 2020
National Library of Australia, Canberra

Further details to be announced here.
New Releases From WA Authors Illustrators and Publishers 
Brenton E. McKenna
Ubby's Underdogs: Return of the Dragons
Magabala Books
May 2019
Bruce Pascoe
Young Dark Emu
Magabala Books
June 2019
Jasmine Seymour
Baby Business
Magabala Books
June 2019
Helen Milroy
Wombat, Mudlark and Other Stories
Fremantle Press
1 July 2019
T.C. Shelley
The Monster Who Wasn't
August 2019
Julia Lawrinson
Maddie in the Middle
Fremantle Press
3 September 2019
WA Branch Supporting Book Stores 
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Millpoint Caffe Bookshop
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Paper Bird, Children’s Books & Arts
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