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- 24 January 2016 -



This Wednesday 27 of January will be our International Chapters Meeting. The meeting will start at 22.00 UTC on our TZM Team speak server.


Global Time:


The agenda is currently open for suggestions. 

If you have an item that you want to discuss in the meeting, please send the request to be added to the agenda at:


New chapters interaction medias


a-The GCA created and is managing the TZM Chapters Facebook page.


From the description of it: the purpose of this page is to have a medium to exchange educational materials for those involved in chapters, want to be in one or want to start a chapter.This page is not intended to discuss any internal matter of TZM.




b-The Google group for National chapters coordinators (only)


From the description of it: this official google group for national coordinators is administrated by the Global Chapters Administration Team (GCA)

The purpose of this group is to have a direct communication as well productive discussions among the chapters national coordinators only. 

This group is not intended to be an open group for anyone within TZM. 

The GCA will add people (national coordinators ) to this group by personal request only.


TZM national coordinators group:!forum/tzm-national-chapters-coordinators


Facebook event:


How to use Teamspeak:


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