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International Student Newsletter - End of Year 2015

2 December 2015

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Agents

It has been another busy year full of learning, fun, opportunities and success for our International Students. It is hard to believe that in less than one week the 2015 academic school year will be over. The success and achievements of our International boys have been considerable, with much to feel proud of and celebrate as a result of their hard work, dedication and commitment. To our Year 13 leavers and others leaving the College to go on to tertiary study or back to your country, I trust that your years here at Sacred Heart will be a springboard for further successes.  I hope that wherever you go, the values and spirits of Sacred Heart College will be with you always. Good luck and best wishes to you all.
International Students Penghao, Future and Photon celebrate with their homestay parents prior to the End of Year Leavers Dinner

Sacred Heart College Prize Giving

Congratulations on the following boys who presented at the Senior and Junior Prize Giving ceremonies. It is pleasing to see so many our Internationals boys coming to the stage to receive awards, well done!

The Brother Ernest Memorial Cup
Photon Lee: This is one of the major awards for Arts in the College to award the Leading Musician in the College. In 2015 this award has again been awarded to Photon Lee. Hong Kong born violinist and Music Prefect, Photon has attended Sacred Heart College since 2012.  He is an extremely popular, talented, good natured musician who has set an excellent standard and has been a fine example for all students, especially the International students. Photon has led the Sacred Heart College String Group for two years. In 2015 the Year 7-13 String Group was the first ever SHC String Group to compete In the KBB Music Festival competition, where they received a Bronze medal, as did  the Senior Concert Band that Photon plays saxophone for. Photon has repeatedly scored Excellence for both  Group and Solo NCEA performance standards and as this indicates is an excellent musician who has auditioned for Auckland University to study Violin and applied to AUT for his other passion, Graphic Arts Animation.

Photon Lee, recipient of The Brother Ernest Memorial Cup

The Dunningham Cup  
Hohin Tsang and Penghao Liu are joint recipient of The Dunningham Cup 2015. This cup is awarded to the International Student who not only studies conscientiously but also involves himself fully in the life of the College, including leadership roles, participation in sport, music, drama and / or any other co-curricular activities. The recipient is also a role model for other International students through a high standard of behaviour and attitude. 

Hohin Tsang and Penghao Liu, joint recipient of The Dunningham Cup 2015

Confortare Awards
The Confortare Award recognises students who have maintained a high level of effort and commitment to their studies in a number of subjects, through the year and endeavoured to achieve at a personal high standard.

Year 10               Darwin (Dairong) Wu

The Academic Awards
Year 8              Raditya Indriyatno               Excellence in Religious Education, Science
Year 9              Yanzhou Wu                          Excellence in Extra English
                          Luke Kim                                 Excellence in English & Religious Education, Mathematics
Year 10           Jaeyoung Choi                      Excellence in Mathematics
                          Kyunam Kim                          Excellence in Mathematics
                          Oliver (Weixuan) Sun          Excellence in Mathematics
                          Darwin (Dairong) Wu         Excellence in Mathematics, Extra English
                          Masatsugu Takaki                Excellence in English & Religious Education
                          Jong Hyun Ahn                     Excellence in Mathematics          
Year 11            Rato Ma                                  Excellence in English for Academic Purpose
                           Mark Opassathavorn          Excellence in Thermatic Studies in English
                           Kazuki Sunaga                     First place in English Language Learner  
                                                                             Excellence in Economics, Science 101
                                                                             Excellence in Thematic Studies in English
                           Haoxi Tan                               First place in Advanced Science
                                                                             Excellence in Religious Education
Year 12            James Chewchanwet         Excellence in English for Academic Purposes
                          Johnson (Kaipeng) Liang   First place in Level 3 ICT;
                                                                             Excellence in English for Academic Purposes
                          Roger (Xiaotian) Peng        Excellence in English for Academic Purposes
                          Xiang Wang                           Excellence in Thematic Studies in English
                          Pavel (Weisu) Xiong            First place in English Language Learner;
                                                                             Excellence in Thematic Studies in English
Year 13            Photon  Lee                           Recipient of the Brother Leonard Cup
                                                                             for first place in Photography;
                                                                             Excellence in Physical Education and Music
                           Penghao Liu                          Recipient of the Mark Wylie Cup for first place in
                                                                              Mathematics with Calculus;
                                                                             Excellence in Thematic Studies in English
                           Haiyang Rong                      Excellence in Mathematics with Calculus and Physics
                           HoHin Tsang                        First place in English Language Learner;
                                                                            Excellence in Thematic Studies in English

The Michael Liu Cup 
The Michael Liu Cup recognises student for Improvement in Senior English    
Year 13    Hohin Tsang

Hohin Tsang, recipient of Michael Liu Cup.

End of Year Homestay Family Dinner

The International Department, along with the support from ELL Department, took a new initiative to organise an informal gathering in early November with our homestay parents, their children and our International students. The dinner aimed to provide the opportunity for everyone to meet staff members who work with and support International boys, mingle and mix with other host families, and share an end of year dinner together. Thanks to the great preparation and organisation by Mrs Whineray, we were thrilled at the turn out of our host families and the quality food they brought. With the beautiful weather on the day and lovely music played, the atmosphere was wonderful and everyone enjoyed a great night. 

With the growing number of International boys coming to Sacred Heart, we are fortunate to have many caring homestay families, who help make the transition to a new country and culture a warm and positive experience for our students. Not only do they make sure our boys have a warm and comfortable room, with good space to study, but also they provide  guidance and supervision each day to support the boys. This could involve helping with transport,  phone cards and banking, attending parent interviews, taking them for medical cares and even taking them travelling on the family holiday. So, thank you our wonderful host families who look after our International boys in their homes.


International Student Committee

With their enthusiasm and great efforts, 5 members of 2015 International Student Committee continue to play a significant role in assisting International Students integrate into all aspects of College life. This year not only has the ISC organised well established events like Fun Sports Day and BBQ, Outing @ Mission Bay, a successful social at Baradene College, they also helped update the international student video which is now on our website and social media for perspective students to view.  Well done to Hohin Tsang, Jayden Key and Photon Lee for your excellent organisational skills, leadership, as well as the valuable time you have given upon helping on these activities. Thank you also to Taehyun Kim, Troy Chien and Robin Chiang, your dedication, commitment, and teamwork are greatly appreciated by the International Staff and your fellow students.

"All the best boys, thanks again for all the great memories and all the support, hopefully I will see you someday in the future. This year was awesome, for me I've learnt a lot from you, and you look after me from the start. Teachers work hard for us each day and help achieve our goals. From my heart I respect and thank you, especially the teachers and all the members of Sacred Heart this year, may the lord bless you"  from Noel Sanft, one of our International Students from Samoa.

At the start of Term 4 the new International Student Committee for 2016 was also voted and selected by our International Students, congratulations to Ryan Liu, TaeHyun Kim, Pavel Xiong and Kazuki Sunaga for becoming members of 2016 International Student Committee. We look forward to your contribution and new ideas for next year.

From Left: Ryan Liu, TaeHyun Kim, Pavel Xiong and Kazuki Sunaga. 2016 International Student Committee 

Term Dates in 2016

Term dates for 2016 is now updated in our website with the first day back to school falls on 2 February for
 the Year 7, 9, 12 and 13 students. All International students are required to start the school on time. All new International Students are required to attend our Orientation Programme on the first day to familiarise themselves to the new school and new environment.  

Term 1:  Tuesday 2 February for Years 7, 9, 12 and 13; Wednesday 3 February whole school commences - Friday 15 April 
Term 2: Monday 2 May - Friday 8 July  
Term 3: Monday 25 July - Friday 23 September  
Term 4: Monday 10 October - Tuesday 6 December

From International Office, we wish you all a happy, relaxing Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and look forward to working closely with you in 2016.

Yours sincerely

Mr Ting Xu
Director of International Students

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