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News from the University of Pennsylvania for Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Marvin the dog & Darling, Tracy

Back to Health

Tracy Darling of Vet helped save Marvin, a two-month-old hound mix that underwent surgery at Ryan Veterinary Hospital to repair a persistent right aortic arch.

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Bibas, Stephanos

'Every Angle'

Under the direction of Stephanos Bibas, 12 students in the Law School’s Supreme Court Clinic “spend a year in what is basically appellate litigation boot camp.” (Video)

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Kerestecioğl, Doğa

Next Steps

Working on a Ph.D. in sociology, Doğa Kerestecioğl studies how revolutionaries govern once the battle is won. “I’m very interested in how states become stable in the end.”

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Black, James

Ten-day Trip

There’s more than one kind of study-abroad program, and senior James Black of Gastonia, N.C., found that a short-term experience in Turkey and Greece was “ideal for me.”

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Lingel, Jessa

Digital Culture

ASC’s Jessa Lingel researches countercultural groups, from drag queens to body-mod enthusiasts, and how they interact and represent themselves in online spaces.

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Engheta, Nader

'Spirit of Innovation'

Engineering's Nader Engheta, who develops metamaterials, compound substances that have properties not found in nature, has been elected to the National Academy of Inventors.

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