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"Welcome back Tar Heels!"
Edible Campus UNC is a program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden that creates working landscapes across UNC-Chapel Hill to facilitate campus community engagement in topics of food and agriculture sustainability. 

Workday Updates

Campus life is now back into full swing! Since students have returned, our workdays have been livelier than ever. We have been busy cleaning up South Campus, sifting compost, and working on propagation for an upcoming plant giveaway. We have also started fall seeds and planted new perennials at Davis and SASB in preparation of the fall season. As always, our team has been working hard to maintain our beds by weeding and watering regularly. 

 Want to join a workday?

Our workdays this semester are the 1st and 3rd Monday and 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 3:00-5:00 pm @ the Edible Campus Main Garden behind Davis Library. Follow this link to sign up and prepare to get your hands (or garden gloves) dirty! Stay up to date with what we are working on and receive updates about workdays by following our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Edible Campus Bird Feeders

Edible Campus has two bird feeders in the Main Garden: one in the persimmon tree and one in the pine tree closest to Mangum.

Bird feeders are a great addition to any outdoor space to provide supplemental food to wild birds. The birds will always eat naturally occurring food first, including seeds and insects; we’re just giving them an extra option for if those food supplies run short. We currently only feed seed, which is a good year-round option for basically all wild birds in our area. Our seed blend has black oil sunflower seed, striped sunflower seed, sunflower hearts, peanuts, and safflower.

Birds with smaller, softer beaks like bluebirds prefer not to have to crack shells. By providing both shell free (hearts and peanuts) and in-shell options, we’re ensuring that all birds in the area have something to eat at the feeder. Both of our bird feeders are squirrel proof to prevent them from draining the seed before the birds can get to it.

The most common feeder birds in our area include the Northern Cardinal (the state bird!), the Carolina Wren, the Eastern Bluebird, the Carolina Chickadee, the Tufted Titmouse, the House Finch, and the American Goldfinch.

 Carolina Cookbook

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, the Edible Campus team, in partnership with Carolina Cupboard and APPLES, created Carolina Cookbook: A College Student's Guide to Healthy, Affordable & Seasonal Eating at Carolina. The cookbook contains quick, healthy meals that can be made using seasonal ingredients you can obtain from Carolina Cupboard and/or the Edible Campus Gardens. 

The current dish being featured is Sweet and Salty Fig Toast, which is a simple and seasonal snack! 

For more healthy, affordable and seasonal recipes, consult the
Carolina Cookbook.

Garden: figs
Cupboard: seeded bread, cream cheese or cheddar cheese, olive oil, honey, sea salt


1. Spread toasted seeded bread with softened cream cheese or cheddar cheese

Top with ripe figs sliced into ¼ inch bites and drizzle with olive oil and honey.

Season with flaky sea salt.

Did you know Edible Campus accepts compost donations at the Main Garden behind Davis Library? Your food waste will be converted into usable compost for our Main Garden and satellite beds once it is finished curing. Be sure to deposit your food waste in the active bin!
Not sure what you can compost? Here is a good article about composting.

Interested in helping us rotate the compost? Contact Kyle Parker at for more information.

What's Growing?

Graham - rosemary, lavender, chives, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, blueberries, blackberries
Stacy -  oregano, rosemary, lavender, winter savory, sage, basil, peppers, eggplant, summer squash, figs, blackberries
Davis -  stevia, mint, mountain mint, catmint, lemon balm, lavender, stevia, sorrel
Lenoir - rosemary, tomatoes, basil, summer squash, peppers, figs
Fetzer - sweet potatoes 
Rams -  summer squash, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, basil  
Hardin - oregano, lavender, sage, chives, eggplant, peppers, stevia, basil, figs
SASB - lavender, stevia, eggplant, peppers 
Campus Health - coming soon!

Brought to you by the Edible Campus Team:
Kyle Parker (he/him) - NCBG, Edible Campus Coordinator

Anna Coley (she/her) - Junior, Member of Student Leadership Team and Ecostudio Intern

Kedrianna Griffin Hiltonen (she/her) - Senior, Member of Student Leadership and Communications Teams

Emily Martin (she/her)- Senior, President of Student Leadership Team and Head of Social Media Team

Zoey Van Peppen (she/her) - Freshman,  Member of Leadership, Cooking and Communications Teams

Morgan Flynt (she/her) - First-year Master's, Graduate Assistant, Head of Communications Team, and Member of Leadership Team

Max Feldman (he/him) - Sophomore, Communications Team and Member of Leadership

Eloise MacLean (she/her) - Freshman, Work-Study Student and Member of Leadership, Social Media, and Communications Teams

Benjamin Goldman (he/him) - Junior, Member of Student Leadership, Compost, and Communications Teams

Cecelia Nobles (she/her) - Sophomore, Student Leadership Team Member

Tatum Pryor (she/her) - Junior, Head of Cooking Team and Member of Student Leadership Team
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