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Noticiero #23
17 de enero, 2023
The feather; the pen
Bienvenidos al noticiero
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Hola <<First Name>>,

It interests me that, in my northern culture, we end the year with (mostly) religious celebrations and then quickly pack them up and store them in the attic, closet, or garage, so we can get on with it. On with what? The New Year, I suppose.
The southern pace again draws me in. Starting with Virgen de Guadalupe day, December 16, the next twelve days of Christmas ready the celebrant with Posadas up to Christmas Eve. But then, they get Christmas Day, Día de los Inocentes (December 28), Los Reyes Magos (January 6) and, depending on who got the Rosca cakes’ baked in doll, parties go on to Día de la Candelaria (February 2). My website includes past articles covering these check-points along the celebratory Christmas path.
Gracias to the insights given by a second culture, I blend this time on the calendar, taking what I like from both cultures to create my own ritual. This year, my play, The Wise Ones, was resurrected from 2015 and encored at the First Congregational Church, Brainerd. Reed played the part of Gaspar, in his purple Vi-King (Farve) jersey and flowing purple, elephant print headdress, as he might have ridden an elephant to the manger. Barb played Melchior, in her long skirt, dangling earrings, full-body apron, carrying a mixing bowl and map. Sara, Baltazar, the youngest wise one, came equipped with her techno Tablet. You get the idea. Start watching at 28:00 minutes:
Tweaking the Reyes Magos story allowed me to include highlights of their varied historical backgrounds and present-day cultural celebrations. Why, in some countries, a priest throws a cross into a chilly river for young men to retrieve! Barb, an actress of great talent and quick wit adlibbed, “Sounds like our Polar plunges!”  

Check the blog post Y2K and 2023 and consider how you use your past to envision your future. (click link to open blog post) 
There you go. Take the plunge. We’re into another year. Another chance. Follow a star. Ride an elephant. Visualize your route. Ask Alexa. Stop for hot dish. Adlib. May you have good health.
Feliz Año Nuevo,
Profe Jan(et)
A Real Time update on Real Time Amigos. (picture of Corona family)
Also in my book, I included this photo of the Leopoldo Corona family from Culiacan. Their first son, Polo, was my first international exchange student coming into Brainerd, hosted by Jim and Bev Madland. Brothers, Fife and Charlie followed later. Our friendship included visiting them at their home in Culiacan in 2000. We went to the ocean, took their kids to the neighborhood park, and discovered that the dairy factory on the corner was a front for a drug cartel. Teresita bemoaned the fact that the drugs traveling north for U.S. use threatened their community when it passed through.  A fact mostly lost on the U.S. public and media.
Earlier this month, Culiacan was ravaged by the now well-known Sinaloa Cartel. The son of the infamous, EL CHAPO, was captured and his cartel members attacked the airport, burned buses, and opened fire on the Federal police. I generally avoid this sort of news in my Noticiero, but this time, when Teresita reported she was in lockdown at home, I had to speak up. Yes, on January 6th, Three Kings Day. 
Click here to read the news:
The aforementioned Reyes Magos is celebrated throughout Spain and Latin America. I first met the “Magos” in Seville, Spain, when I was a college student shopping for Christmas presents at the local Corte Ingles department store. Was I being followed, as was the norm for young women in the once macho-laden streets of Latino cultures? Could I find a place to escape? Go to page 87 in Northern Shores/ Southern Borders to discover the embarrassing outcome.
For a brief, but comprehensive look at the Reyes Magos on January 6th, click here:
Frosty reflects on Jan's past as he considers his future. 

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