Everything changes; nothing stays the same...
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Welcome, its UPDATE TIME and I thank you for your continued interest in my artwork and experiences in my adopted homes.

As I write this, Beirut, Baghdad, Paris, and now Mali, have just been attacked. Painting today would be impossible, as my mind wanders terribly. This corner of the world (Zambia) is at Peace, if thirsty for rain and with a crumbling currency. Today I find myself asking "what is really important? "What can we each do to make the world better? As I paint, am I giving my energies to something that is helping? Positive expressions (in art, music, dance, writing) must somehow tilt the balance toward goodness. I must believe that.

Unintentionally, I am an ambassador for the USA whenever I am outside its borders. We all are our own countries' reps when we travel. Both pre-1996 and since I have been abroad, this "Yank" has seen a lot of hatred, misunderstanding, prejudice and discrimination, against Europeans, Americans, Asians, Africans, Hispanics, people of various religious faiths, women, the elderly, the sick and the list goes on.  As a wise friend in high school once said "We never really know the people that we hate".  I suppose that my decision to live and paint abroad is an attempt to understand the world a bit better, one country at a time, one person at time. Personal interactions lead to understanding. The "Other" becomes less scary. I look for connections, not divisions.

I grew up in a military family while a large European population was living under communism. Two months after the wall came down in Berlin, I headed to the old East Germany, Poland, Hungary, and what was then Czechoslovakia. I wanted to understand that which my country had feared.

My art is my response to nature, humanity, and my surroundings. Hopefully it resonates with you and brings you closer to what is to you both known and unknown.
My office: the great outdoors.
Plein air painting in Lucca
Painting in Italy • Hiking in the Appenines and Alpi Apuane • Exhibiting in Cortona •
Visiting friends in Hamburg • Painting Venice • Back in Zambia, Teaching
That is the 2nd half of my 2015, in a nutshell.
I will be doing fewer shows and teaching more here in Zambia towards the end of this year and in the beginning of 2016. 
I am grateful to Ivan and Loriana at Galleria il Pozzo in Cortona, Italy and Serena at Ababa House in Lusaka, Zambia, for long-term and continued gallery representation.
For RECENT ARTWORK please see:
"Not for the Taking"
I leave you with a painting of the sacred BAOBAB, a most marvelous tree.