February Newsletter

January saw a ton of new content added to the site. If you have not checked it out recently, head on over and take a look. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 50+ Question card puzzles that require written answers added to the new Question Cards page.

  • 140+ Flashcards to test your recall and comprehension added to the new Flashcard Games page.

  • 2 new crossword puzzles that pull a subset of randomized clues to generate a new cross word each time loaded. One on the Word Games page and one on the Extra Games page.

  • 2 new wicked word search puzzles that also randomize. Again, one on the Word Games page and one on the Extra Games page.

  • 2 new process sequencing puzzles on the Extra Games page.

  • New questions – I am adding more quiz questions to the end of topic mini-quizzes. These provide more variety and also get added to the new site-wide Timed Quizzes.

This is still more than I would like it to be, but at 488 pages and 8.5” x 11” (22cm x 28cm) it is a large book to print in color, and a good saving on the $79.99 color hardback.

The new color book is now available to purchase on Amazon. Since a more affordable color option is available, I plan to remove the black and white version which is smaller format and really does not do the illustrations justice.

Up until January all the features were proof-of-concepts of functionality I thought would be useful. Now people are showing me that they value them by buying memberships, I will keep adding content and features. As always, please use the Suggest a Change page to tell me what you would like to see added next.

LinkedIn or Site-Hosted Discussion Group?

I had planned to create a LinkedIn Exam Prep discussion group for members. This would be a forum for asking questions and posting exam tips and articles. However, someone asked if this could be hosted within the PMillustrated site, so they do not have to switch platforms. What do you think?

Should we create the members discussion group as a private LinkedIn group or an area on the site for chats, questions and extra resources? As always, please use the Suggest a Change page to let me know.

So, it is time for me to suck-it-up and start recoding. I hope that by announcing it here I am more likely to follow through and post some videos rather than find other things to work on, which is what normally happens. Please let me know what you would like me to record. Maybe high-level walk-throughs of the main topics, maybe a scrolling read-through of the content?