Newsletter  June 2012
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Welcome to our Newsletter of June 2012.

Day by day, all over Europe, thousands of truck drivers and dispatchers are searching for a suitable parking to comply with resting time obligations. In this Newsletter we
  • explain what Truckinform is about and introduce new features
  • summarize news abstracts from stakeholders active in the truck parking market.
Today at
As many know, consists of 3 services:

Services 1, 2 and 3These 3 Services are interlinked. A ‘glue’ holding them together is the ‘Flag System’. Users see immediately which parking area
  1. has updated data on its infrastructure
  2. offers current availability data
  3. allows for reservation (advance booking).
The new « Green Flag System » introduced recently on the portal now enables truck parking operators to very easily and quickly provide dynamic information about their currently available parking spaces.

Drivers (and dispatchers) tell us that they much prefer to know whether there is at this moment space available, rather than the exact number of available spaces! Based on this, has introduced the ‘neutral’ green flag on its parking search maps to show that parking space is available:

If a truck parking area is full, this can be announced with a simple click — and users looking at at that moment will see this:

Of course, the transmission of exact numbers of actually available empty parking spots remains possible. (In SETPOS we developed jointly with partners, such as ADAC, no less than eight ways to detect and transmit dynamic data). If, at this moment, 23 slots are aviailable, this is what the flag looks like:

Truck parking areas in several countries have started to use this new facility. In order to make use of this — which can also be seen as an ‘acquisition tool’ — a truck parking area must have a blue flag, meaning that the truck parking details have been verified.

More on the blue flag in our next Newsletter.

News from Stakeholders

DKV has just improved its station finder with an integrated route planner.
The DKV Station Finder is an online-service to look up the nearest DKV service station or to find the cheapest diesel available.

MAN Truck and Bus: Anders Nielsen has been appointed Spokesman of  MAN Truck & Bus AG as of September 2012. The 49 year old Swede comes from Scania AB.

Toll Collect / Germany  
The German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development and toll operators Toll Collect will introduce new tolls on four-lane highways. Tolls will be payable by HGVs on around 1000 kilometres of national highways that have been improved to motorway standard and link up with a motorway.

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