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Melissa White, CVT
"To the Ends of the Earth"

January 2017

I have officially reached my one year anniversary in India! I am very much looking forward to 2017 and what God has in store for me and my small team here. Here are some of the things I will be up to the next couple months and would really appreciate prayer for:
  1. Mid January: A three-day animal health training for church workers and evangelists from neighboring areas (Sikkim, Assam, and Nepal). These church workers go into very remote areas to minister and have requested us to train them in basic animal husbandry and agriculture so they can better serve those they are working with.
  2. Late January: A two week course in computers and English conversation led by two short-term CVM visitors that will be working in Broken Stone Village. Electricity has just come for the first time to the village and the school there is very excited to have native English speakers coming to help them teach computer and converse with the children! One of the schools is an hour walk through the jungle, so needless to say, they have never had any visitors come to work there!
  3. Early February: A few animal health trainings in villages that have requested us to come. As we have been travelling around searching for goats to buy, it has opened up wonderful doors for building relationships and has resulted in us being invited to help train farmers in some very remote places where there is no Christian presence. One place is a strong Sherpa Buddhist area that has asked us to partner with them in a bee project and in marketing some of their local products. Who knew that God could open such doors through animals!
  4. Mid February: A couple prayer summits for pastors and church leaders, led by my dad (and mom), first in my town of Kalimpong and then in the northern state of Sikkim.
  5. Late February-March: Lots of travelling to find good goats for our breeding farm, as well as chickens to distribute to Broken Stone Village.
Lots of time spent in villages talking with farmers about their
challenges and dreams for the future

It’s too easy sometimes in letters like this to only talk about and ask prayer for the planned programs and activities that I am doing. So I want to also specifically ask for prayer for the day to day interactions that I have with people here. For the relationship I am building with the Hindu taxi driver that drives me to my farm every day. For the relationship I am building with the Muslim man who sells me chickens every week and asks me to pray for his daughter who has a brain injury. For the relationship I am building with the lepers who I try to visit weekly. For the relationships I have with the other foreigners here with whom I have joined in starting a small house church. For the relationships I am building with people in Broken Stone Village, spending countless evenings talking in candlelit smoky kitchens about the challenges they are facing and their dreams for the future. It is a VERY relational culture here. I don’t want to get so program focused that I forget about the importance of my day to day interactions and relationships with people. So please pray that in the midst of all the programs, trainings, travelling and planning that I would really take time for investing in relationships—because that is truly why I am here. God didn’t send me here just to raise goats, train farmers or distribute chickens. I am here because God loves these people and he has called me to be his hands and feet in this place.

Thanks so much for praying as I enter my second year here,
Building relationships through goats!

Melissa White

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