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Melissa, CVT
"To the Ends of the Earth"

Dear friends,

I can't believe I will soon be entering my fourth year here in India.  I first came to India really thinking that I would develop a team of other westerners to work with. That never materialized, and year after year I found myself having to build a team of nationals instead. I think that this has been God’s plan all along. Because I am a bit isolated from other Westerners it has forced me to build deep relationships and partnerships with the local people. It is not always easy. There have been times of miscommunication, cultural clashes, mistrust and misunderstanding. However, partnering with local believers has been such a rich experience. As I enter into my fourth year here I feel that there are three main things that I will be focusing on. For each of these things, God has brought me just the right person to partner with. I ask for prayer as I move forward with these projects, visions and ministry assignments this year. And I ask for prayer for my local partners as well.
  1. Animal health and evangelism Training
The main focus of my ministry here has been on training local evangelists how to treat animals in their communities. Giving them a skill gives them a way of serving people and building relationships as well as a means of income to support their families. This year a few churches have contacted us asking for training for their staff who are doing church planting in remote villages. We are hearing so many encouraging testimonies coming from the people we have already trained. My partners Nalam and his wife Premila are committed to this ministry and really have a heart for it.
My partners Nalam and Premila help me train the evangelists to be animal health workers.
     2. Goat breeding Project

My small goat farm has been running almost three years now and we can't keep up with demand for the goats. Many people are now coming to us asking for goats and training so they can start their own farms. Many of these people are wanting to start farms in order to support their ministries because they see it as a sustainable model. I recently started a new goat breeding project down in the city of Siliguri, about 3 hours from where I currently live. We have been given a piece of land to use there and are hoping that it can be a place where we can not only raise goats to give to people but also do training. My partner for this project is named Biraj and he is currently living on site. We don’t have any goats yet, but are setting things up right now. If you want to give to this project, click the link below that says “Donate now to Melissa’s Special Project.”
My partner Biraj is helping run our new goat breeding project.
     3. Ecotourism Business

This year I have to develop my business model in order to stay on my current visa in India. I am recruiting short-term teams to come and serve in some of the villages that I have been working in. I am looking for students, vets, and anyone else interested to come and spend time visiting families in the villages helping give vaccines to animals alongside the animal health workers I have trained. I am hoping that through this business, not only employment can be given to people, but villages will be blessed through the service of receiving vaccines and medicines for their animals. My main business partner is named Vinod and he is very enthusiastic about launching this business. Please pray as I make all the preparations for teams to come this year and focus on launching this business.
My partner Vinod is helping me launch my new tourism business.
I appreciate all of your prayers and support. God has made it possible for me to stay here another year and I am trying to move ahead in faith with these projects and the vision he has given me.



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