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Melissa, CVT
"To the Ends of the Earth"

Dear friends,

I can't believe how incredibly fast this year has gone! This past year I have grown my small national team which has enabled me to slowly expand my work and ministry. As I take on more and more, however, the needs seem to just keep growing. Sometimes it is hard here to know who to invest in and how to spend my time when there are so many needs and so much to be done. But as I reflect on my purpose for being here I am realizing that God strategically puts us in specific places at specific times for specific reasons. Instead of feeling so overwhelmed each day by the needs in front of me, I am learning to be sensitive to His Spirit in knowing how to invest my time and whom to help.

When I lived in my old house near the town my main ministry was to a group of leprosy women who lived just behind my house. But when I shifted to live near my farm I couldn’t go see the lepers as often, so I started asking God who He wanted me to minister to in my new location. God put one of my neighbors on my heart to help. Her name is Basanti. And I want to share her story with you.

Basanti has two sons ages 9 and 11. Her husband’s family has been sharecroppers for three generations. Sharecroppers are those who farmland for a wealthy owner and only receive half of the profit from what the land produces. Basanti grew up in a strong Hindu family but converted to Christianity when she married her husband Andrew.  In January we found out that Andrew had mouth cancer. They were so poor they were not able to get to a doctor in time, so the tumor just kept growing at a rapid pace. As soon as the Christian community found out, instead of helping them, they started blaming Basanti and saying that the cancer must be a result of sin against God. No one would help him or even come to visit during their greatest time of need. Since she lives directly below my farm, my partner Nalam and I decided to help her. I helped pay for his medicines and medical treatment and Nalam went every day to dress Andrew’s wounds and give him pain injection medicines.

Sadly, Andrew passed away a few months later, leaving Basanti a poor widow. In this culture widows are very mistreated. Immediately her landlord said she had to leave the land because there was no longer a man in her family to farm the land and make him money. We pleaded with the landlord and she was finally given a very small plot of land just below my farm on which to build a house. She applied to a tribal welfare board for housing materials and started building the house. But the money that was given was not enough to complete it. She didn’t even have enough to buy food for her children and her aging father-in-law who lived with them.
My farm staff (from left): Dupshiring, Nalam, Premila, me, Aron, Basanti
In September one of our farm staff suddenly quit. As we were praying about who to hire, Nalam and I both felt led to ask Basanti if she wanted the job of taking care of the goats. She was so grateful to receive the job because she desperately needed the money to support her family and finish building her house. We are also helping her out with her sons’ annual school fees. Nalam’s wife Premila and I have been meeting with her regularly to go through the Word and pray. Basanti told us the other day that through her suffering she has learned to trust God more and hold fast to her faith. She said she never really understood what it meant to be a Christian before this. But she said that now she has experienced the love of God firsthand and has a personal relationship with him. She is openly sharing with others in the community about God’s faithfulness in her life and has had opportunities to witness to her own Hindu family as well.

I share this story with you because I have learned so much through Basanti. I have learned that no matter how busy I am with projects, trainings, and running my business here, God has put me here to love my neighbor. Not just my literal neighbors---but those who God puts in my path and gives me a burden to help. No matter how busy we get in work, ministry, or life we always have to be open to the Spirit’s leading or else we will miss opportunities to extend a blessing to others and to showcase God’s amazing faithfulness and mercy. I feel that God has me in this specific place at this specific time for specific reasons, and although it is overwhelming at times living here, I know it is exactly where I am supposed to be.
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