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Melissa, CVT
"To the Ends of the Earth"

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Dear friends,

I was sitting in the home of a Nepali pastor the other day, and he asked me a question, “Melissa what is your ministry vision here?”  It had been a long time since anyone had asked me that and as I was explaining to him why I felt God had brought me to India and what He had put on my heart, I felt myself getting more and more excited. It was if my vision was renewed just talking about it. Many times the daily tasks of life, the challenges we face and the countless distractions in our lives cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture and vision that God has given us for our lives. These last few months I have been distracted by so many things. Just accomplishing daily tasks here can take so much time and energy sometimes. And recently I have been trying to register a new business which requires hours sitting in government offices, lots of paperwork, and many trips to the city. But despite all these distractions, God has kept giving me reminders of why He has me here and has been re-igniting my vision.
We recently trained this pastor and family to do animal health work
Last month we did a training for some church workers in a tea garden area. Most people in this region work in the tea gardens every day, earning less than $2 a day. In the villages surrounding the tea gardens, the main problems caused by such poverty are alcoholism, adultery, abuse, child trafficking, malnutrition and poor education for the children.  We have partnered with two pastors in this area that are very interested in training their local evangelists to be animal health workers. They said that their local evangelists are having a hard time building relationships with the people because they are seen as outsiders, so giving them a practical skill they can use to go door to door and serve the people would be helpful. As I trained the local evangelists and started listening to their stories my heart just broke. Some of them only recently accepted Christ and have faced a lot of persecution from their own families and communities. Some of them used to be alcoholics but have been delivered from addiction and are now trying to help others in similar situations. And others do not even have a house of their own. One evangelist I trained told me that he does not even have enough food to feed his wife and ten-month-old daughter. But with such faith, he told me that God would provide for them. Their stories touched me deeply. These are the people that I have come to support here. The people that are ministering in the trenches and sacrificing so much to share the love of Christ with others. 
One of the evangelists I trained treating a goat
After training the two pastors and 12 evangelists in February, we returned in March to follow up with them. I was so encouraged to see that many of them were actively using the skills I had taught them to go door to door and build relationships with their neighbors. One pastor and his wife are going every Saturday to do animal work and share the Gospel. They told us that last Saturday they had castrated ten goats and the local evangelist had made 700 rupees in profit in one day—a whole weeks worth of salary! Not only that, but they had shared their faith with two of the families whose goats they had treated. 

I have been praying about how God may be leading me to invest more in this tea garden area. So many NGOs come to do work here promising many things but never follow up. The pastors we work with shared how many churches are also not very active in this region. I feel as though God is opening a new door of ministry that is in line with the vision He gave me when I first moved here. My vision is to support those who are ministering in remote, hard to reach places. This team of two pastors and their evangelists exemplify the type of people God has brought me here to encourage and support. The pastors are prayer warriors and are living out their faith in such practical ways, meeting the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs in the communities around them. But it is an incredibly hard place to minister, and they need new tools and strategies to reach into the darkest places. 

Please pray for me and my small team here as we move forward with the vision that God has put on our hearts. And I will pray for you as well, that God would be encouraging you in your daily lives to walk forward in the vision He has given you for your life. 

May we never lose sight of the big picture,



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