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Melissa White, CVT
"To the Ends of the Earth"

March 2017

Dear friends,

Its only March and I have already had eight visitors this year come all the way to Kalimpong to visit me! It has been so encouraging having friends and vets from CVM here helping me at my farm, visiting the village I am working in and investing in the people here. The biggest blessing was having my parents come to spend a week with me. They got to see a bit of my world—meeting all my local partners, shopping in the local market with me, spending nights in my cold little house huddled around a small heater together, and visiting my farm and meeting my goats! And I got to see their world as well—helping to lead prayer summits in three different cities in the region I work.
Miku, my parents, and Nalam at the Kalimpong prayer summit

The prayer summit that my dad led in my town of Kalimpong was a really special time because many of my local partners came. Among them was Miku, the horticulturalist who originally invited me here, Nalam and his wife, who are my main project staff, Pradip, the owner of my farm land, and Sukshering, the elder of the church in Broken Stone village where I have been working this year. To have so many partners, friends, and family in one room praying together for unity and for breakthrough in the city was so incredible.

As I head into my second year here, I have been thinking a lot about why God has me here. Why India? Why Kalimpong of all places? Many times we step into things knowing only that God has called us, not knowing exactly why. Coming to India was that kind of step for me. Just a few years ago I was in the Gobi Desert teaching English in a remote village. India was the furthest thing from my mind and the last place on earth that I saw myself living. But now here I am in the Himalayan foothills, watching as God slowly reveals the “why” to me. I have seen this year that he has brought me here to be an encouragement and support to specific faithful kingdom workers that have a call to minister to their own people. My two main partners, Miku and Nalam have such a heart for the rural farmers in the villages and for years have been doing projects and ministry with very limited finances, support or resources. I believe the Lord has brought me here to truly support them in their call. The landlord of my farm, Pradip, has for years had a burden for doing ministry in his own little village that is mostly Hindu. He said that my being here and starting my project on his land was God’s plan, and will bring opportunities to witness to unbelievers in his village. My being here has also opened doors for others to come and serve in this unique place, and I see that this was God’s plan all along. It has nothing to do with me or what I am doing here but everything to do with God uniting his church to accomplish His purposes.
At my farm with Nalam and his wife and Pradip and his eldest son
“What can we do together that we cannot do alone?” This was the question posed to all the pastors and leaders at the end of each of the prayer summits that my dad led. So many times we act as lone rangers carrying out our own plans and ideas. It is easy to do, especially when we feel things are going well! But Gods heart really is to unite his church to accomplish greater goals and purposes than we could even imagine or accomplish on our own. If God is calling you to do something, rest assured, he is not calling you to do it alone. There is no such thing as a lone ranger in the kingdom of God. That is what I am learning here as I watch God bring His body together in ways I could never have orchestrated on my own. Thank you for standing with me and partnering with me in this journey I am on. I covet your prayers as I head into a very busy season of travel, hosting visitors, establishing my small farm, and doing ministry in the village.

Melissa White

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