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Melissa, CVT
"To the Ends of the Earth"

August 2018

Dear friends,

I honestly can’t believe that it has been four years since I left Mongolia and now almost three years that I have been in India! This summer a wave of Mongolian memories flooded back as I attended a wedding of one of my close Australian friends who lived in Ulaanbaatar the same time I did. At the wedding were more than 15 friends who have lived or still live in Mongolia. It was such a special time re-connecting and sharing memories of our time spent there.

At the wedding I was talking with one of my close friends from Mongolia, and she reminded me of a conference we had attended together in February of 2013. During a prayer time at the conference she received a prophetic word for me. We both recollected how it had something to do with how God was going to take me from the desert to the mountains. The summer following that conference I was teaching English in a very remote desert area of Mongolia. There were literally camels and sand dunes everywhere and not a green plant or vegetable in sight. Not only was I physically in the middle of the desert, but I was also experiencing quite a bit of spiritual dryness, burnout, and discouragement that summer. I remember receiving a phone call from my dad who was in India at the time. He said, “Melissa, I’m in a place right now that I think you would just love. It’s in the mountains…there are green rolling tea fields everywhere and I just met a man here who is working with animals and is asking you to come and help him.” Of course leaving Mongolia and visiting India was the last thing from my mind at the time so I frankly told my dad that I had no interest in going to India. Just a few short months later, however, God made it very clear to me that it was time to leave, and in October I packed my bags and moved back to the U.S. not really knowing what God had in store for me next.

Leaving Mongolia was one of the hardest and scariest things I have ever done.  At first I felt like leaving meant giving up. Or that it meant I had failed in some way. And the uncertainty of the future was a bit terrifying. But it truly was God’s perfect plan all along. And I have watched as the prophecy has come true—God has literally not only taken me from the Gobi desert to the Himalayan mountains, but he has also brought me from a place of burnout and discouragement to a place of new vision, joy, and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams. Now every morning in India when I wake up and look out the window facing the snow capped Himalayas I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and His guiding presence in my life.  


I will be in Oregon until September 3rd, and would love to connect with many of you while I am home. I am excited to share the vision that God has put on my heart and how I feel He is leading me. I am also excited to hear the stories of how God is working in all of your lives as well.

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support,



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