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Website Reconstruction: 
Show-Me-Careers is currently revamping it's web page to create a more resourceful site for employers, community members, and agencies. Our goal is to be your link to a variety of State and National resources on transition to employment. Our website will also highlight successful transition programs, which we refer to as Models of Success. We will keep you informed about the progress of our site. Stay tuned!

Events & Trainings

Models of Success: Hands On/ Hyatt Hospitality program creates employment opportunities in St. Louis, MO. Watch HERE

Webinar Series: Teaching Social Skills to Adults with Autism. A look at 5 model programs. Listen HERE

Read this month's AUCDigest! Find links to blogs, activities, resources, and people. Click- HERE

Currently under renovations: Show-Me-Careers website. Check it out!


 Spotlight On: 

We asked each of the agencies that make up our Consortium Leadership to share who they are, why they are a part of Show-Me-Careers, and what unique contributions they bring to the group. 

Take a moment to meet the Missouri Developmental Disability Council. 

The goal of the DD Council is for the full inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life, including school and employment.The Council believes that this goal can be best achieved in partnership with others. That is one of the reasons we are so excited to be involved with Show-Me-Careers, because of all the groups collaborating to improve transitional out comes for young adults with disabilities.

The DD Council brings a long list of resources for this project including the Guide to Career Discovery, the Disability Benefits calculator, the Empower MO Training series as well as other employment and educational resources. In the near future the DD Council hopes to bring information and training on Financial Education and Asset Development to these Pilot Communities.  The council also believes that individuals, parents, family members and community partners are powerful forces in forging positive transitional outcomes for people with developmental disabilities. We believe that Show-Me-Careers embraces these principles and we are proud to be a part of this exciting partnership.

The Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council is a federally funded agency, which is governed by a 23 member board whose members are chosen by the Governor. Its mandate under P.L. 106-402, the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act, is to assure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of and have access to needed community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration  in all aspects of community life.  Find out more!

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