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Ms. Lybbert at the drive-by socially distanced Tamariki uniform drop-off - complete with popsicles!

How do the Kokopelli choirs choirantine?

  • Tamariki, our littlest choir for ages 5-9, had greetings from both conductors, and they convened periodically on Google Classroom to learn songs and play music games. 
  • Kikimasu, our auditioned treble choir for ages 9-12, had weekly Google or Zoom meets.  They learned several new songs, visited, and are working on a virtual choir!  They extended their season to the end of June.
  • Shumayela, our youngest youth choir for ages 12-16, was on Google Classroom and Zoom and worked on projects on choral composers, choral music from other countries, and music publishing.  They learned some songs, worked on rhythms, explored major and minor scales.  They had a year-end Zoom party and named their Shumayela of the Year (Josephine Simmonds), Most Improved Shumayela (Quaid Blom), and Rookie of the Year (Annika Schoenhardt), and awarded Artistic Staff Appreciation Awards (Isaac Schoenhardt, Natalie Secret, and Cadence Corcoran). They had a drive-by presentation of certificates and treats.
  • Kokopelli, our flagship youth choir for ages 14-24, has been having regular Zoom chats -- and they did shared sessions with Corazon (Nelson, BC) and Vancouver Youth Choir. They led sessions with the Hamilton Children’s Choir, Shallaway (St.  John's, NF), West Point Grey  Academy (Vancouver). They welcomed special guests - Allison  Girvan, Zimfira Poloz, Kellie Walsh, and Carrie Tennant.  In their zoom  chats, they did sing-a-longs with exchange student Travis Fick and Amelia Chan (his host), trivia and social games, and several Kokos participated in some virtual choirs.                                                                      Kokopelli finished their year with a  socially distanced meet-up and presented awards. Some of the major awards went to: Alyssa (Leadership), Jay (Rookie), Kyla (Most Improved)      and Koko of the Year (William and Alyssa -  tie). They plan to continue meeting socially online over the summer.
  • Vacilando had zoom chats every week, and watched Laurier Fagnan's video "Transform Your Sound".  They had a workshop with Travis Fick and Amelia Chan and are planning a year-end social distanced picnic.
  • Òran has gotten together over zoom to socialize and do some workshops.  They are planning a socially distanced picnic in July. 
  • Still in their first year, ChandraTala has really been getting to know one another and forging great bonds of friendship over Zoom and Facebook.  Their musical things included watching Laurier Fagnan's video, following a voice workshop posted by Voces 8, Travis and Amelia taught a South African song, Janice led a laughter yoga workshop, and they finished the year with a music drop off and will have a socially distanced picnic.
The creative leadership of our conductors and the ability to use technology to faciliate this learning and gathering has been remarkable.  One day we will get to make music in person again!!! 

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of the amazing things we have planned for next season!

Open rehearsals and auditions!

We have held our open rehearsals virtually this year, with several new choristers coming online to check out the choir, listen to what people love about each choir, and ask a few questions of the conductor.  Online auditions have been going really well, and most of choirs have completed their spring auditions. The Kokopelli choir has their auditions on July 4. There will be more auditions for all the choirs coming in the fall.  

Click the button below for audition information, or email us at:

Don't know what to expect in an audition? Check out this video!

Enjoy our next “fun-draiser”!   

We couldn’t have a raffle at our cancelled concerts in April and May, nor our Gala in June, so we’ve planned a raffle that will be fun and simple for social distancing!

Want to support a local business?  Need a few bottles of wine for relaxing at the lake, or having a social distanced BBQ, or enjoying at a special dinner? How about more than a few? They'd make great gifts!
Purchase a raffle ticket, choose a bottle of wine to donate, and maybe you want to buy some “insurance” so that your ticket doesn’t get pulled in our reverse raffle!

Up to 250 tickets will be sold at a cost of $10.00 each. Each entrant will also be required to purchase a bottle of wine (retail price $20.00) to contribute to the prize. Up to 750 additional “insurance” tickets will be sold at a cost of three for $15.00.
The draw will take place as a series of four ticket pulls, with one quarter of the sold ticket stubs being pulled and discarded with each ticket pull. Ticket purchasers who buy “insurance” tickets will have their ticket returned to the raffle drum up to three times if it is pulled. No tickets shall be returned to the drum during the final ticket pull. The final ticket pull will continue until only three stubs remain. These will be drawn and will win (in reverse order) first, second, and third prizes. 

The first prize will be 50% of the bottles thus contributed (minimum 25 – maximum 125 bottles); the second prize will be 30% of the bottles (minimum 15 – maximum 75 bottles); the third prize will be 20% of the bottles (minimum 10 – maximum 50 bottles).
All tickets will be sold online via a secure form, or in person with cash only.
The draw will be live-streamed on Friday, July 10 at 5:30 PM by a staff person and witnessed by a board member.
Get your tickets here!
And the Honourary Patron of the Year is….

…..Kellie Walsh!

A native of Newfoundland and Labrador, Kellie Walsh is the Artistic Director of Shallaway Youth Choir, Founder and Artistic Director of Lady Cove Women's Choir, as well as Co-Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus of Newman Sound Men's Choir.
Kellie is a powerhouse in the choral conducting world.  Her influence and experience can be felt around the world due to her amazing personality, incredible skills and her love of teaching. 
She has helped the Kokopelli Choir Association tremendously this year.  Kellie worked with the Kokopelli Choir and Scott and Kitbielle at the Koko retreat and on a Zoom meeting, and she has been a rock and a voice of calm as the President of Choral Canada.  Kellie has assisted our organization along with countless others across Canada with information, structure, and support through this difficult time of the pandemic. 
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