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Living on the Enriched Side of Life

In one month we will be neck deep in preparing for the holidays.  Remember to take time for personal care before you find yourself so busy you forget to eat and sleep.  Head into the holidays rested and with a full personal tank. 

One tank filler:  take time to identify what you want to most experience and remember from this holiday season.  Once you identify those values and priorities, you will have what you need to guide your decisions.  If you are being asked to do something that does not support or contribute to those desired experiences and memories, think twice before saying yes.  Perhaps saying NO to the things that are out of alignment with your priorities and values will make room for more of the experiences that do line up. 

Another way to help yourself enter the upcoming season is to take time for you.  Give yourself a “Me appointment” at least once a week if not daily.  During this time do something that replenishes you.  Perhaps it is kicking your feet up and enjoying a little fresh air and some favorite music, maybe it’s a walk or a nap, whatever it is that restores you, take time to do it before you are too busy and overwhelmed.
With your partner, take time to connect before the busy holidays begin.  Plan to go in late to work one day or take an evening.  During this time, keep it simple between the two of you.  This time is not about the Christmas lists, dinner plans, calendar . . . .   this is about NOT being busy.  Just spend a little intimate time together connecting soulfully in whatever way you do that best. 

Perhaps you could take time to look at what would be some of the experiences and memories you most want to get from the holidays together.  What do you value together as a couple that you want to safeguard during the holidays and perhaps even build in more time for?

How could you spend this intimate time together to feel more connected moving forward toward the busy season?  What could you do moving forward to safeguard feeling connected and to help each other remember what matters most?  Choose things that support and contribute to those desired experiences and memories.
Keeping in line with self-care and a values driven holiday season, ask you entire family to share favorite memories of holidays past.  What did they like most about those memories?  What experiences, memories and qualities would they like to have be a part of this year’s holiday’s?
What are some of your holiday traditions?  Write them out with the kids.  Now look at that list and ask; what is each person’s number one favorite tradition?  What is each person’s absolute least favorite tradition? Do these line up with past favorite memories and future wishes?  Consider locking in the favorites and eliminating the least favorite (unless one’s least is another’s fave – favorites should be safeguarded) 

What would be a new tradition that you all would like to try out for consideration as a new repeated tradition?  Make sure you ask the kids to think about if it lines up with the kind of experience and memories they want this year. 

If you are a holiday movie watching kind of family, ask each person to list their #1 favorite holiday movie.  Endeavor to watch each person’s #1 together.  Additional movies should be optional.  What is each person’s favorite holiday song, food, . . . . ? Work together to have moderation by including favorites as a priority and don’t sweat the rest.  Encourage your family to get these decisions made before November or at least by early November so that the holidays are more relaxed.  You will enjoy them more if everyone knows what is coming.  When extra stuff cross your plate, you can say no more easily if you have already identified the priorities.
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