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Don't try to be mindful

Hello from the other side! 

The other side of TEDxColumbus, that is. I didn't call a thousand times, but I did put twenty thousand steps on my FitBit by pacing backstage before putting myself on the (big red) spot.

The whole experience provided a valuable lesson in feeling outside my comfort zone. That's a cliché that's easy to repeat, but uncomfortable to experience directly. It made me appreciate the tools I have for changing my relationship to discomfort and reinforced my commitment to continuing to turn towards it when I can. 

One of the things that gave me the most comfort that afternoon was remembering reports from participants in my classes about specific times they've found it liberating to yield to difficult feelings instead of resisting them.

This is what it feels like to begin a new job. 

This is what it feels like to be frustrated with a family member. 

This is what it feels like to wait for my turn to share an idea I know is worth spreading. 

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement through this exhilarating opportunity. 

I hope you enjoy the way it turned out.
Don't Try To Be Mindful | Daron Larson | TEDxColumbus 2015: Disruption

"So many people try mindfulness and they’re convinced they're doing it wrong, so they give up and miss an opportunity to change their relationship with discomfort.

If you expect your everyday life to be free of discomfort and confusion, you’re going to spend all your energy worrying, trying not to feel what you feel, and saying, This messy life is not my real life.

So what keeps us holding out for these perfect, comfortable lives that we imagine? And how can training your attention help address these habits?"

Transcript of talk with links to related information...


It seems like someone turned up the intensity dial on bad news, doesn't it? It's a great time for TV news broadcasters and political fundraisers, but a really challenging time for those of us who are trying to navigate the alarm.

I've found these articles helpful in offsetting the stream of provocative news:

I've had the opportunity to see a few Shakespeare's tragedies recently which have proven very cathartic. The cautionary tales they dramatize are invaluable for noticing that the themes we're experiencing now are timeless -- and that confident positions and popular support can quickly flip. 

On Being conversations tend to make me feel better and more hopeful about humanity. Here are some suggested episodes: 

Poetry helps, too. I find Tyler Knott Gregson's recent success to be so encouraging. I think Chasers of the Light and All the Words are Yours would make great gifts. I also recommend Good Poems for Hard Times, Consolations, and anything by Mary Oliver.

Is A Year of Being Here on your radar? It features a different mindfulness-related poem every day. It wasn't on mine until they asked to feature one of my poems this summer. Now I think they really have a knack for picking good ones.


And nothing will help take your mind off of the escalation of international tensions like spending time with family. Here are a few ideas  to help you get ready for it to be messy. 

Sleeping at Last is giving away a 15-song Christmas album. It’s so good. If you want to exercise your generosity muscle, just click on the tip button. 100% of tips received between now and January 1 will go to Restore International.

Unwrap Rohan Gunatillake’s twelve strategies for having a A Very Mindful Christmas. Each idea, including “the this-isn’t-the-present-I-wanted moment” and “everyone is with people who love them and I am by myself,” combines humor and practical insights to explore the ways we all make holiday matters worse.

Sneak a few short breaks from your holiday narrative with these free guided meditations compiled by Mindful.

Reduce your travel stress with one of these five strategies from Allan Lokos.

In between being dazzled by the technology-related items on your wish list, remember to value and nurture the human capacities that our devices will never be able to experience or replace:

That's all I have for now. Keep in touch between newsletters by following me on Facebook, signing up for a class or individual coaching, or recommending an attentional fitness workshop in your workplace

May you be safe, happy, and healthy during the holidays, and in the coming new year. 

Thanks for helping me spread the word about the classes I offer related to attention-specific challenges in the workplace
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