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Commercial Real Estate Expert Certification

the CREE Certification Course

In partnership with our very own Troy Muljat, CCIM, CPM we have created the Commercial Real Estate Expert Certification course. Troy has taken his 25+ years experience in CRE and condensed it into 7 sessions.

Fast track your CRE career with over 10 hours of relevant & specific training to grow your commercial real estate business. If fear, lack of knowledge, or time are preventing you from doing commercial real estate transaction, this is the course for you.

When you register today you will also receive:

  • Troy's Listing Presentation template, Financial Analysis Spreadsheets, 8-step Marketing Plan, and a dozen more templates.  
  • a Branded Financial Analysis calculator ($99 value)
  • a Property Listing Site ($99 value)
  • a Commercial Valuation Site ($99 value)

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