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Thank you to those of you that subscribed and to our new readers. For those that missed the broader mission read it here. One readers comment on the Inaugural Love Letter “I need more specifics”. So folks, though it is less romantic and the mystery is denied, below is what you can expect monthly from The Transatlantic Post:
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As Google's Eric Schmidt saluted Swiss engineering talent and opened its largest R&D centre outside of the US in Zurich, I had the pleasure of speaking to a cross-section of people embedded in the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. From exploring Digital Switzerland’s new initiatives to speaking with local entrepreneurs, we exchanged notes on robot-o-pocalypses, how the entrepreneurial ecosystem is evolving and where the opportunities lie in the next 3–5 years.  

We’ve also included a small dose from Peter Freedman. Peter is a seasoned journalist with far posher English than most and is also a marketing maven. He explains his top 5 marketing tips for those planning a US launch. Coincidentally, he just wrote a piece on Emojis that went viral. 

In closing from the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, with Trump now officially sworn in as President, I can attest to Swiss Schoggliweggli providing much needed catharsis. And also to those crowd numbers in 2009, no fake news there — some reflections from attending Obama’s inauguration eight years ago when I first landed in New York. 

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Last month we were asked by a European fintech entrepreneur "Can we find a way to import some of that American risk taking appetite?". There's no short answer to this. But in a nutshell, I can say in most European cities I have visited there exists clusters of those outside the "base" level risk and you have to work harder to find them and embed yourself in those clusters. In the context of funding, there are firms with global diverse teams that do not hover around a set local risk norm. Not forgetting though that there are also benefits to a certain level of conservatism (see the article on Zurich).

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