September, 2014

New Guide to Starting a Passion Play!

The Passion Trust has a wonderful new guide for people wanting to start a  Passion Play. It makes the task of starting a Passion Play less daunting and can inspire new people to put one on in their local community!

If you know anyone thinking of starting a new Passion Play, please forward them the guide. It can be downloaded easily as PDFs.

Visit the website to see the Guide here.


Save the date!

The Passion Trust's annual conference will take place in Liverpool on 31 January 2015. It will be hosted by Liverpool Cathedral, which produces an annual Passion Play there.

Please save the date and look out for the online invitation via email or on Facebook.


Passion Plays gearing up for 2015

There are lots of exciting plans for Easter 2015!

Bewdley Passion Play: The 2013 performance has grown into a major theatrical production over three days. The Passion Play will take place on the streets on Good Friday and a musical based on the Resurrection will take place the following day.

Lewes Passion Play: After a free performance of the (adapted) medieval Mystery Plays earlier this year, the Lewes Passion Play is well underway for 2015.

St Neots Passion Play: First performed in 2010, this play will take place at various stations in the town centre.

Hornchurch Passion Play: Hornchurch Green will again see performances of the Passion in three productions over the Easter weekend.

Remember to check out the website for updates and more information.

Support from the Passion Trust

If you want to sell your Passion Play DVDs online then why not use the Passion Trust's online shop. Contact for more details.

Do you need more funds? Do you want to get another 20% free from the UK inland revenue?

The Passion Trust has charitable status and ca obtain Gift Aid for all your Passion Play donations. We help you with online giving too. See Alex for details.

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