Year of the Yang Wood Horse, Fall, Metal
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2014 The Yang Wood Horse

by Angela Davis

How's that Yang Wood Horse Year treating you this Fall?  Did the year "race" away from you?  Are you getting "tripped up", are things "growing out of proportions"?  Why, yes.  That IS what a Wood Horse Year brings with it.  So here is your reminder to stop, breath, relax, relate and smell the leaves as they turn their colors in one of my favorite times of the year.  And what a beautiful time of the year!  The bounty of spring has grown into a productive summer - flowers, trees, blossoms, bulbs, herbs and veggies - all produced from the Wood energy of Spring (and a major theme this Wood Horse Year) can now manifest their full growth cycle in the Metal Element of Fall with the bountiful harvest.  What does our harvest time share through Feng Shui eyes?  It's the time of year for Youngest Daughter and Father figure of the home.  (*You are a Youngest Daughter if you have an older sister.)  Make certain you share the love with these family members this Autumn.  What an amazing time of the year.

And what an amazing year it has been so far as a Yang Wood Horse Year!  If you're like me, it's really sprinted past and lived up to its horsey reputation for moving fast, moving ahead, and posturing slightly menacing and authoritative.  Does this image pull to mind any world politics/situations going on around us right now?  Yes, yes it does.  The Yang or masculine energy is really coming to a head this year.  That, combined with the coursing, surging, rampant energy of the Horse, gives us a very dynamic, fast paced and changing world to negotiate our lives within.

So what meaningful and practical 'Shui' can I share this season to help guide you along the path with grace and balance?  Let's look at how to balance and utilize that Wood Element for our Year - and some Metal Element for our Fall - to best suit our surroundings - what's closest to us, so to speak.

Wood energy, or ch'i, exists by adding wood to an gua, or area, of your home.  You would add wood if you need MORE energy this year, more financial success or more family harmony.  You may want to decrease the affects of Wood this year if it feels like you are out of control, life is racing past you, money is going out the door, or your family is not in harmony.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  One way is with the 5 Elements.  Wood is the far left back and far left middle of your home, office or garden.  Download a Bagua Map from my website at  It is associated with Prosperity/Wealth/Abundance and Daily Cash Flow/Family, respectively.  Where no Wood is available, it can be created by water and, when too overwhelming, reduced by fire.  Sounds complicated, huh?  Nah, just think of it this way.  
  1. If you want to add the Element of Wood, simply add wood to the space.  Incorporate tall columns, think lamps or bookcases, tall and strong.  Incorporate items made of wood, think wood frames or wood floors, solid and natural.  Incorporate the color of wood, think purple, green or browns/grays.
  2. If you want to create the Element of Wood, add water to let it grow.  Incorporate undulating shapes,  think waves or amorphous lines.  Incorporate water itself, think a fountain.  Incorporate the color of water, deep blacks and blues.
  3. If you want to reduce the Element of Wood, add fire to the space to burn it up.  Incorporate triangle/pointy shapes,  think pyramids or pointy leaved plants.  Incorporate fire itself, think a candle or fire pit.  Incorporate the color of fire, reds to yellows.
Now for the Metal of the Fall.  Metal is the front and middle right of your home from your doorway.  It is associated with Helpful People/Travel and Children/Creativity respectively.  If you need more metal, simply add things made of metal, metallic colors and pastels in those spaces.  To "make" metal, add earth.  To reduce metal, add Water to corrode it away.  In direct opposition, if you feel like you need to get projects completed, find aid in the perfect trip, and get some helpful people in your life, shine your metal objects.  Easy peasy.

These are some simple tips to help you find balance in your space and your life.
In the Spirit of Service,

Angela Davis

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