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Happy Chinese New Year!!


The Chinese New Year, the year of the Black Water Snake was February 10th.

The Green Feng Shui Lady is celebrating the Chinese New Year with great tips (cures) for you to start the Year of the Black Water Snake with your inspired intention!
The energies surrounding this beginning of the Chinese New Year started taking shape back around February 4th with the welcoming of the Chinese Solar New Year.  We welcomed in the Lunar New Year on February 10th.  Historically, snake years are very transformational with a lot (really, I'm not kidding, a LOT) of growth going on.  The snake can really shake things up so get ready for a year of movin' on up - spiritually, mentally and physically.  The snake is representative of advancements both personally as well as in science, technology and world events.  That said, a snake year can bring an 'imbalance in the force' as manifested by disagreements, political strife and just plain 'ornery' behavior.  My advice is to welcome the Water Snake with happiness in your heart to help negate these tendencies as well as release any headaches and depression you've been feeling.  Fire, representative of energy and joy, is also returning after being absent for 4 years.  It's going to be so much easier to see the good in your life.  

Think of it this way, the transformative nature of the water snake is physically seen when it sheds its skin.  This metamorphosis has come to be known as a symbol of rebirth and healing, i.e. think of the medical insignia (just as it represents renewal and rebirth, so does the snake).  The snake has also come to be associated with letting go of outdated/stubborn ways of thinking (yeah, I'm talking to you, stubborn-y Mc-stubborn on this one; and yes, you do need to LET IT GO, it does not belong to you, release it to the universe, be transformed).

Hum, yes, that is out of my system. Now on with the regularly scheduled newsletter.

Where were we?

YES!!  Now you're getting an understanding of the energies associated with the snake year - change CAN be good.

And as promised, here's some annual tips* to help the year ease into your world**:
*Make a note to remove these cures when the new year of the Horse arrives in 2014
**These cures are more 4 Pillar and Flying Star based; pull these energies in with your Inspired Intention!!
- Bring more wood foods (veggies) into your diet to wedge off heart/high blood pressure issues
- Increase meditation and exercise (but be gentle on the knees and joints)
- Also exercise patience in your business and personal doings; finishing projects started already is HUGE (!!!!)
- Be careful to not be cheated by others so choose wisely who you to business with
- Place metal (bronze is most beneficial) in the Health/Center gua of your home (to offset the energy that symbolizes obstacles and misfortune)
- To avoid illness, injury and deceit, keep construction and disturbances away from the Southeast, Northwest, and East

Be most diligent of the above during February, August, and November 2013.
- Pull in Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth by placing flowing water in the Northeast corner
- Pull Fire energies into the Ease to guard against money going OUT and not IN
- Pull Fire into your Love & Relationships in the Southeast
- Place a living plant in the South to open your soul's journey
- Put Metal (a lot of it) in the North and Earth (a lot of it) in the Northwest to activate mentors
- To keep your (and your family's) health in tip top shape, put metal (again, preferring the bronze) in the Southwest AND a bamboo plant in a glass jar in the West

As the snake prefers a clean environment, make these cures a part of your life this year:
- De-clutter, then go and de-clutter, de-clutter again
- Remove anything broken or unwanted
- Focus on the Helpful People and Travel gua (metal, silver, circles); place the words "Safe Travels" on white or grey paper in a easily viewed spot
- Place the word 'happiness' on the outside of your door to welcome and invite the snake into the home
- Place a cure in your vehicle for safe journeys (I have small 20mm crystals for sale)
Hope these are helpful.  Call for a New Lunar Year consultation today!
Visit to place orders for cures; email me at for consultations.


— Angela
The Green Feng Shui Lady
A beautiful 'Double-Cure Painting' from our tradition selection of Feng Shui paintings.

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