Year of the Yin Wood Sheep, Lunar New Year
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Happy Lunar Chinese New Year

Feng Shui for the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep:
Happy Lunar Chinese New Year!!!!  May this year bring you the highest, greatest good.

The Chinese zodiac shows the energy of this year to be Yin (feminine) Wood Sheep. That means we continue the Wood Element theme of growth, expansion, re-birth, and prosperity.  But this new year will be tied to calmer, more family-oriented energy.  A great contrast to the very different energy from last year (over powering, racing, intimidating). Through February of 2016 we can enjoy all the wonders the Green Feminine Sheep has to offer (Green symbolizes Wood in Feng Shui).  Last year’s wilder Yang (masculine) Wood energy will resolve into a more inward, Yin (feminine) energy that allows some breathing room.  Add that to the sheep energy guiding us to be generous, patient, peaceful, and harmonious. Ah, think of spring pastures, bubbling brooks, a group of friends picnicking, and healing of wounds. Now THAT is a year I’ve been waiting for.  A renewed focus on nurturing the family, accepting serenity, building peace, and growing our minds, bodies, souls, spirits, and auras toward our greatest good. This year will be about an intentional journey toward hope, love and light. May you live each day with all these blessings and more. 

Here are some handy, dandy Feng Shui cures for the Lunar New Year:
Food Feng Shui:
On Lunar New Year’s Day, make sure you eat salmon (for longevity and intelligence), cabbage (for financial fortune and riches) and mandarin oranges (for good health). No “meat” is eaten out of respect for animals. 

Lunar New Year Tips:
- Do not use knives or sharp instrument as they symbolize cutting good fortune in half. 
- To get the year off to a perfect start, write out your resolutions/wishes with a red ink pen and place it in a red envelope. (Copy them to have as reminder.) Then burn the original. Use the copy to write out the wishes 9 times a day for 9 days using the red ink.
- Bring in fresh flowers/plants, especially the red peony but also narcissus, azalea, plum blossoms, kumquat plants, orchids, bamboo, to make your heart sing. Flowers signify life, growth, prosperity, riches and honor in Feng Shui. 
- Print and hang red and gold paper-cuts of the words (or Chinese symbols) for “Happiness”, “Longevity”, “Good Health”, and “Good Fortunes”.
- Find an organization in your community putting on the Lion Dance. Often held at places of business, The Lion Dance activates happy energy - how could a dance not get the happy moving?!?
- Clean the house - a biggie in Feng Shui as you want happy, healthy energy, not stagnant, depressing wind
- Repay at least one debt - what an accomplishment and feeling of ease comes when you get debt paid off
- Get your hair and nails done - start the New Year in style
- Buy new shoes and clothes - especially for the kids
- Clean the slate with those you’ve had disagreement with
- Decorate your entryway to attract good fortune and luck. 
- Wear red, the most propitious color at this time of year
- Give money to family, friends and loved ones (especially small children) to represent your wish for their improved prosperity, wealth, and abundance in the coming year.
- Be grateful for all you have and share your blessing (from your heart) all year long.
In the Spirit of Service,

Angela Davis

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