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Petition for Speed Cameras on Logan Boulevard to Improve Safety

  Neighborhood   Apr. 11, 2018
A local resident created a petition to put speed cameras along Logan Boulevard to deter high-speed driving coming from the Kennedy Expressway. It's opening the debate about car safety and hit-and-runs in the neighborhood.
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Nine Months Early, Delia Ramirez Gets To Work

  Politics   Apr. 10, 2018
For Logan Square-area politician Delia Ramirez, the work has already started—long before her job does.
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Your Neighborhood Kimchi: There’s Nothing Fishy About Vegan Kimchi

  Food + Drink   Apr. 9, 2018
"I'm very happy to introduce people to kimchi and educate them on vegan options," says Kyle Chamberlain of Kimchi Boys Kimbchi, a newcomer to the Logan Square Farmers Market. It reopens May 13—but you don't need to wait that long for vegan kimchi.
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Chicago Flower Memorial Blooms Across Logan Square

  Neighborhood   Apr. 7, 2018
Who is behind the flower memorials springing up in Logan Square and beyond? Holler if you know the answer. In the meantime, we did some digging into the project and what it stands for.
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