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June 2016

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We have had wonderfully busy days here at Teaterunionen – Swedish ITI before the summer vacations. In a couple of weeks we will organize a performing arts programme during Stockholm Pride. Thursday July 28 and Friday July 29 will be packed with performances, seminars and readings that highlight LGBTQ issues within the performing arts.

The extensive smorgasbord of Swedish productions you can experience during Swedstage is now official. We welcome all international programmers, artistic directors and festival organizers who are curious of Swedish performing arts and trends to come to Stockholm October 23-25. See the full program and register at

Maribor Theatre Festival will take place October 14-23 in Slovenia. This year, the festival has focus on Sweden, with guest performances from Gunilla Heilborn with “This is not a love story” and moment:teater’s “Wuthering Heights". The festival will also launch a book with Swedish plays by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Mirja Unge, Sara Stridsberg, Suzanne Osten and Per Lysander translated into Slovenian.

In November, our office will travel to the Alexandrinsky Theater in St Petersburg and arrange programs with the aim to spread knowledge of Swedish playwrights.


During the fall, we will also intensify our work with the next edition of The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts.
The fall will be packed with interesting and inspiring work, so during the summer we will have a couple of weeks of vacation. We wish you all a wonderful summer!

- Ulricha Johnson, managing director

Upcoming premieres in Sweden

In Scendatabasen you will find compiled searchable information for the professional performing arts in Sweden: theatre, dance, musical theatre, opera, circus, mime and performance art. Scendatabasen is operated by Teaterunionen.

Premieres in July.
Premieres in August.

Swedish performances on tour



Choreographer Jefta van Dinther is back with a new big stage production for 14 dancers in Cullbergbaletten. Elias, last year's major breakthrough artist in Swedish music, whose debut single 'Revolution' was a big hit last spring, provides recorded singing and voice-over, accompanied by sound design and music from David Kiers, set design by artist duo SIMKA and lighting design by Minna Tiikkainen.

July 7, Rabozaal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Tiger

Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company

An average European town. A beautiful medieval square, sidewalk cafés, pigeons, passers-by, tourists, homeless people… An ordinary town, where everything is as it always has been, until suddenly something out of the ordinary happens.
A tiger escapes from the zoo. From this real event, when a Siberian tiger created chaos in a European town, the Romanian dramatist Gianina Cărbunariu constructs a witty, playful and political tale of our time. With humour, tenderness and intelligence The Tiger portrays how anxieties for the future may alter our attitudes and relationships with the people surrounding us.

July 13-17, Festival d’ Avignon, France

Wuthering Heights


12 minutes, 4 people in the audience, 2 actors. moment’s version of Emily Brontë's only novel Wuthering Heights has been a success with the critics as well as the audience. Since the premiere in November 2015, it has played more than 135 performances.

October, Maribor Theatre Festival, Slovenia

20 November

Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company

Sebastian is 17 years and lost. He doesn’t fit in. Years of bullying have made him isolated. His place on earth, in society, in schools are becoming increasingly blurred, and the uncertainty is a frustration that pulsates faster and harder by the day. Something must be done.

With text largely taken from the video diaries and blog of an actual school shooter, Swedish playwright Lars Noren creates a character that is at once sympathetic and horrifying.

July 14-17, Festival d’ Avignon, France

Figure a Sea


The new creation brings together 21 dancers in an artistic master meeting between some of the performing arts finest: the choreographer Deborah Hay and composer Laurie Anderson.

This is not a love story

Gunilla Heilborn

This is not a love story is a story of two reluctant heroes – Kowalski and Vera.

At least that’s their names in one of the scenes. They talk, dance and never stop asking questions: Who did what? When? Where? And why?

A delicate search for context and connections, which always seem to be slightly beyond our reach, the journey becomes not about the destination, but the transformation and reflection along the way. The journey keeps starting over. Again and again as in a road movie dance.

October, Maribor Theatre Festival, Slovenia

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