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Hello CELC members, 

In Texas, it seems we have endless summers and sunshine.  This past week the summer came to an end for more than 5 million students and my daughter.  Before school started, I visited an outdoor classroom, Discovery Hill, to see their wildlife garden and solar pavilion.  Several agencies collaborated to create the outdoor classroom that includes a certified wildlife habitat and outdoor seating area.  More and more school districts are creating unique partnerships to educate students on energy, wildlife, and native plants in outdoor classrooms.  As our children go outside to eat their lunch or learn during the pandemic, I hope there will be more spaces like Discovery Hill for them to enjoy.  Feel free to send me your project collaborations with schools and energy efficiency.

In this newsletter, upcoming webinars, what we are listening to, and job opportunities.

All the best,

Shaun Auckland  

 Toolkit Spotlight

City Energy Project

A joint initiative of the Institute for Market Transformation and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the City Energy Project supported bold yet practical ways to deploy energy efficiency at the city level to boost local economies, reduce pollution, and create healthier, more prosperous communities nationwide.

The City Energy Project partnered with 20 cities and counties across the U.S. to create and implement customized, impactful energy efficiency policies and programs. The lessons learned, and best-in-class practices are now distilled into the City Energy Project Resource Library.  

This curated set of resources contains the necessary blueprints for any city government to craft and implement customized solutions to productively manage energy efficiency initiatives across commercial, multifamily, and public buildings.

City Energy Project Toolkit
SPEER Events

CELC Webinar: Green Schools—
Creating A Healthy & Productive Environment for all Students
Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs), including user satisfaction and resource use studies, were done in various Middle schools in Texas to understand how they perform after occupancy. The study goes into detailed data analysis to understand how decisions can affect resource use, operations costs, and comfort, health, and wellbeing of users. This research promotes POEs (relating these to the WELL Building Standard) to inform future designs, clients, and industry decisions.

When: Aug 26 2021, 10:00 am- 11:00 am CDT
Register in advance for the this webinar: 

Quarterly Texas Energy Codes Compliance Collaborative 

The Texas Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (TECCC) was launched by SPEER in 2011 in partnership with State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).

The PURPOSE of the Collaborative is to facilitate compliance with the State’s building energy codes statewide and serve as a reliable and unbiased source for information on building energy codes and code compliance in Texas. We use this collaborative effort to coordinate actions and policies affecting energy code compliance, and to identify and prioritize steps needed to achieve full compliance with building energy codes.

Multiple stakeholders are asked to participate because “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Progress in any jurisdiction and in any segment of the building industry has a ripple effect that benefits others. We will all achieve industry goals more effectively and quickly by working together.

When: Sept. 2, 2021 11:00 am- 1:00 pm CDT

Register in advance for the meeting:

CELC Webinar:
Energy Code Basics, Building Thermal Envelope 101 & HVAC Energy Savings 

We will start with a look at the history of the energy code and requirements in Texas State Law. Next, we will discuss energy code basics, heat flow, building thermal envelope, mandatory energy code requirements and more. Finally, we will discuss simple ways to save energy in your own home with simple retrofit and HVAC maintenance and repair.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
• Energy Code Basics
• Building Thermal Envelope 101
• HVAC Energy Savings

When: Sept. 9th 2021 10:00 am- 11:00 am CDT

Speaker: Jason Vandever, SPEER, Building Code Program Manager

Register for the webinar at this link:  

See Who's Hiring  
Find your next opportunity in the energy efficiency and sustainability industry.

Director, Energy Resource Development- Electric Power Engineers
As Director, Energy Resource Development you will provide advisory services to energy resource developers, investors and banks throughout the project development lifecycle from early-stage development to commercial operations including project siting, risk assessment, grid integration process and compliance, engineering design and financing.

Chief Resiliency Officer, City of Austin
This position will develop and provide the essential central point of focus within the City of Austin for the implementation of a comprehensive community resilience plan and strategies under the Global Resilient Cities Network platform.

If you are a SPEER member and would like to post a job in our newsletter, please email                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Podcasts We Are Listening To
Energy Crossroads: A HARC Podcast Series
Join HARC Energy experts as they have candid conversations with a variety of industry leaders including solution providers, finance experts, and end users who discuss clean energy investment best practices and financing tools.

Columbia Energy Exchange
Columbia Energy Exchange features in-depth conversations with the world’s top energy and climate leaders from government, business, academia and civil society. The program explores today’s most pressing opportunities and challenges across energy sources, financial markets, geopolitics and climate change as well as their implications for both the U.S. and the world.
Member & Partner News
This section contains content submitted by SPEER members and partners. As a benefit of membership, SPEER members may submit short (50-100 word) excerpts for inclusion in the newsletter by emailing Shaun Auckland at

Energy Efficiency for Older Homes, Austin Energy   
SPEER member Austin Energy’s Green Building department is hosting the webinar with SPEER’s Code Manager, Jason, will be speaking on energy code when considering retrofits and renovations.  Construction techniques continue to advance energy efficiency for newer homes, but existing homes can also benefit from using these techniques to improve occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Choosing impactful renovations uses design and building science to identify the right measures for a particular home. Speakers will explore the impacts of advancing energy codes and standards through the evaluation of older home performance and suggest ideas and concepts to apply when considering retrofits and renovations.

Date: September 14th, 2021
Time: 11:30 am -1:30 pm


What is the City Efficiency Leadership Council?
The council is a cooperative of city leaders and officials throughout Texas and Oklahoma, furthering the adoption of energy management best practices in the public sector. Our peer-to-peer network is open to employees of any public entity, including city and county governments, public school districts, and other publicly funded entities. For more information, check out our website

Questions or interested in getting involved with the City Efficiency Leadership Council? Get in touch! 

512-279-0765 or


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