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Let's Talk Some Trash
Don't Trash Arizona proudly unveils a new campaign
For the past few years, we’ve been out spreading the Don’t Trash Arizona message of “No Cups, Cans or Butts.” It’s been used on our social media networks, seen on a mobile truck at major sporting and entertainment events around the Valley, and plastered as a helpful reminder on everything from floors to gas pumps all over Maricopa County.

We’ve worked with radio personalities, elected officials, professional athletes, and even elementary-school kids over the years to help get out the important anti-litter message that discourages drivers from tossing cups, cans and cigarette butts out the car window. 

Well, we’re taking it up a notch. In the nicest way possible, we’re going to throw a little trash talk toward the Valley’s most frequent litterers, which most often tend to be males between the ages of 18 and 34.

Mixing humor, street slang, and hard-hitting facts, the Don’t Trash Arizona campaign has evolved to include refreshing neon colors, conversational lingo, and dramatic one-line, factual statements that sum up the magnitude of the litter problem.

So, this is Don’t Trash Arizona flexing its muscles.

In general, the messaging addresses the high costs of litter. The financial costs to pick it up. The environmental and health costs. The public safety costs caused by dangerous road debris. And, the punitive costs of getting caught littering.

Take it from us, it isn’t cheap.

It costs taxpayers $3 million a year (150,000 labor hours) just to pick up litter from our Valley roadways alone.

It costs our environment when the toxic chemicals from plastics, dyes, and cigarette butts leach into our water supply.

But most importantly, it costs us in lives when at least one person a year dies in Maricopa County from dangerous debris.

And, it can cost those who litter a fine of $500. The things you could do with $500, right?

Feel free to drop that kind of trash talk on your bros. And, please Don’t Trash Arizona
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