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As May winds down, Memorial Day affects most of us. Although its origin is in honoring our fallen service men and women, it also reminds us of all the dear ones we have lost. One thing I learned from my sister’s illness and passing is to appreciate every day we have right now. As summer approaches, you are probably making some fun plans with the people you love. Later in this newsletter, I share a short story about how my daughters and I built unforgettable memories one summer not long ago.
In this issue, there is some exciting news and a contest, so read on.

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“We’ve already lost six babies! You have to save this one, Zophie! Please tell us the serum is going to work.”

In Zophie’s quest for a cure, she uncovers secrets of a portal to an alternate dimension, a world of her ancestors. Can she survive the dangers of the past? Will she risk everything to save her world from extinction?

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 SHORT STORY: Make Memories with Your Children

“Anywhere in the world?” My two daughters gasped when I asked them to go on a ‘girls only’ vacation with me. They had husbands and children to plan around, but were thrilled at the idea of a trip with Mom. The two young women carefully considered every dream destination they had imagined. Their final answer: Disney World. Having only lived in the Northwest, this would be their first visit to Florida. We would fly all the way across the country and spend a week at the world’s greatest amusement park!

When we met at the airport to start our once-in-a-lifetime journey, I waved matching purple t-shirts adorned with bright colored pictures of sandals, sunglasses, and sailboats. They crossed their index fingers at me as if I was offering plaid bell-bottoms. My face drooped and they gave in, just like when they were my little girls. We donned our shirts and marched arm-in-arm to our plane.

Our first breath of Florida’s June air was as hot as a solar flare; and it clung to our skin like a smoky steam bath. “I’m glad I packed plenty of shorts!” our voices echoed in unison.” “Where shall we go first,” I asked? “NASA Space Center!” “Cocoa Beach!” Our heads were soon filled with space shuttle trivia and the Atlantic was calling. Our legs splashed in warm ocean water, a welcome contrast to the numbing, frigid surf on Oregon beaches. We could not hold back our giggles when a not-so-shy guy, in a not-so-flattering Speedo, entertained us with his unique style of yoga. Even the alligators wandering the roadside couldn’t erase that image.

For 5 days, we rocked on roller coasters, screamed on towers of terror, got drenched on splash rides, laughed at 3-D bugs, soared into outer space, and dared to safari through the African jungle. We sampled cuisine from everywhere on earth; and just in case we ever become space travelers, we learned how food is being cultivated in orbiting space stations.

Our week passed too quickly, but our memories will replay forever. May your special times with your children be filled with joyful memories, too.

Love and Joy, Ruth Colter