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Welcome to my first Newsletter. I’m so excited to be sharing it with you!

April is here and with the warmer weather I get the urge to hang my purple and pink fuchsia outside. But I will resist. I learned my lesson last year when I nearly lost it to frost. Here in Central Oregon, our nights are often below freezing well into May. My hyacinths are popping up, so they’ll do for now.

In this issue you’ll get a sneak peek at the cover for my debut novel. My older sister’s favorite color was green, so that makes it even more of a tribute to her. More details about her inspiration can be found on the About tab at www.ruthcolter.com.

I’ve also included in this newsletter a short article about a fun way to discover your passion.


Here is a Sneak Peek at the cover for the first book in the Zelfar Trilogy, a paradox suspense fantasy.

Welcome to an ideal world where humans have created a harmonious society based on unfailing cooperation. Money doesn’t exist because everything is shared and technology flourishes.

However, a world-shaking crisis can occur in even the most perfect and advanced community.

“We’ve already lost six babies! You have to save this one, Zophie! Please tell me the serum is going to work.”

Infant deaths lead Zophie on a quest to save the future. She uncovers secrets of a portal to a world called America which leads her on the journey of her life.

Don’t miss the launch of ZELFAR, THE DISCOVERY in May, 2013!

Discover Your Passion

“Just follow your passion.” Those words are easy to say, but just how easy are they to live by? If you are like me, you’re interested in a lot of different things. How do you know which one is your passion?

One way to find our passion is through our natural creative instincts. I say natural because we all have them. As children we dance to our own beat, sing our own songs, build our own worlds, and draw our own designs in the sand. As adults we can recapture those creative instincts by relaxing our minds to new possibilities.

Like I did as a child, I still play the “What if I could?” game. What if I could own a horse? What if I could visit Switzerland? What if I could write a book? What if I could _________?

What I learned is that if I wondered if I could about something long enough, I started taking action to make it happen. Thinking then taking action requires some level of creativity. The more we think and act, the more proficient we become because our natural creativity is taking over. Owning a horse and going to Switzerland were fun, but when I started writing a book, I discovered that time seemed to stand still. I was free to be me when I was absorbed in creating a story. I have found my passion.

So if you ever think you have no creativity, just recall a time when you thought of something and you did it. We are humans, the only species given the creative ability to do wonderful things beyond the drive for food and shelter.

Have fun playing the “What if I could?” game. You might find your passion, too.

Love and Joy,
Ruth Colter