Your freshbenies telehealth service is at risk in Texas, Reid!

Hello Reid!


Well, I never thought I’d be writing this letter to my fellow Texans, but…

Your freshbenies 24/7 Call A Doctor service through Teladoc is at risk in Texas and we need your help by April 4th

If you’ve sold a group (or individual) with us, this information also went to the group contacts (and individuals), but feel free to forward this email as another heads up. 

The issue: 
The Texas Medical Board has proposed new rules that will severely restrict telehealth and the benefits you can provide to employers. In short, there is a contingent of doctors who say telehealth is unsafe – they want to enact a rule that will allow telephone visits ONLY after an in-person visit (even for the simplest issues). 

We believe:  
This new rule will prevent Texas employers from offering innovative, safe health care solutions that drive employee productivity and cost savings. It will restrict employee access to a proven, safe, high-quality, affordable and convenient health care option.

Teladoc services are consistently delivered using professional standards of care. There’s no data to prove otherwise.

  • Teladoc and its affiliated physicians have provided safe and affordable on-demand medical care to Texans for the last 10 years.
  • More than 140,000 consults have been conducted in Texas - without a single malpractice claim.
  • 91% of patients say Teladoc resolved their medical issues without any need for follow-up.

Your Part:  
The Texas Medical Board must hear from Texans and Texas employers who benefit from access to telehealth services. They need to hear about the positive impact telehealth makes in your groups and the lives of their employees.

There are many easy ways you, your groups and their employees can express  concerns and disagreement. Click here to download sample copy your team can use to…

  • Send an email to
  • Make a call to 512.305.7016
  • Send a fax to 512.305.7051, Attention: Rules Development
  • Send a letter to Texas Medical Board, Rules Development, P.O. Box 2018, Austin, TX 78768

You can also attend a hearing. This will likely happen later this month so that citizens can provide feedback. If you're willing to appear at the hearing, please reach out to me at  

The Texas Medical Board will make a final decision (and likely try to adopt the rule change) by April 10th. If approved, the new rules will go into effect on April 30th. We’ll keep you updated on the situation. 

Please contact me directly if you have any questions. We're truly thankful for you and appreciate your help to make a difference!

Click here to see a full presentation outlining details from Teladoc. 

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