Here is a round up of happenings at Blueberry HQ  ........
Sarah is building fab talent showcases that are resulting in some wonderful new opportunities for BB talent - load more work guys!!  Maria has picked up her running shoes once more to help her daughter Sophia raise money for her trip to Cambodia Halle is busy building up her allotment Bhavinee returned from the US with taffy sweets and stories, we love that she's back :) Heather is back with great energy after some R&R with family. 
Accounts have been rocking and rolling as per usual!

We are delighted to welcome Fiona Fitzgerald  as a Consultant to the Blueberry bookings team this month.

Fiona has over 20 years of experience in the London post production scene and has spent the last four years at DEBR and The Recruit Club, placing Editors and Designers in a myriad of roles. 

When not working, Fiona is kept busy by the five children, one dog and a kitten who invaded the home she and her husband share in North London. 

Welcome to the team Fiona!!!

Whilst we're celebrating people.... we're delighted to welcome returning and new talent to the books....

Abi Tomasiewicz - Motion Graphic Designer
Ben Woodhouse - Motion Graphic Designer
Alex Pickering - Director, Editor

Click here to view their fabuous portfolios!
The Railway: First Great Western
Senior Editor: James Page
James Page has recently finished working as senior editor on the upcoming new series of 'The Railway: First Great Western'. The series delves behind the scenes to capture the inside story of an industry that continues to grow, featuring the team that connects the capital to the southwest.
"Working on this show was really interesting.  It really is an eye opening, dramatic look at how much pressure the staff were under, and how hard they worked keep the nation moving." - James Page, Senior Editor
Ex on the Beach, Whizz Kid Entertainment, MTV
Editors: Michael Schark and Graham Hodson
Congratulations to Micheal Shark and Graham Hodson for their work on the new MTV programs 'Ex on the Beach'  which achieved record ratings and is all set to be a break out hit both in the UK and internationally.
"We’re absolutely thrilled with the reaction to the first episode, both in terms of the record ratings amongst our target audience, but also the incredible buzz there has been around the show on social media." - Kerry Taylor, MTV UK
Who do you think you are?, Wall to Wall, BBC
Editor: Ruth Horner
The wonderful Blueberry editor Ruth Horner is currently working on an episode of 'Who do you think you are?' at Wall to Wall. The episode focuses on television presenter, DJ and actor Reggie Yates and will air on the BBC later this year.
'I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this, it has been a fascinating project. I have loved bringing the geneaological trail to life and the team has been very supportive as well as good fun to work with.' - Ruth Horner, Editor
Check out the website here
What do artists do all day: Michael Craig Martin, BBC4
Producer, Director, Editor: Mark James
Leading contemporary artist Michael Craig-Martin has an ambition to paint all mass-produced, everyday objects in the world. This film gives a rare insight into the artist at work in his London studio and his preparations for a major sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House.
"I was a student at Goldsmiths myself, and Michael was also one of my tutors, so I knew the subject well. Chatsworth was a visually stunning location for the film and I shot much of the film myself before editing" - Mark James, Producer, Director, Editor                  Check it out here
Google Zeitgeist, Across the Pond, Google Website
Editor: Agathe Cury
We are pleased to annouce that our very talented editor Agathe Cury has won the peoples choice Webby Award for best editing for her work co-editing Google Zeitgeist. Googles yearly review gives us an insight into the top searches we made for 2013  Check it out here
"Zeitgeist was an adventure: the atmosphere was warm, everyone felt very involved and enthusiastic about it. It's been the best editing team project I've ever been working on!"
- Agathe Cury - Editor 
EE at work with the RAC, Commercial
Editor: James Barber
Did you know that the RAC are using EE technology to connect their patrol vans and collect real time data? Learn all about it in this new video edited by Blueberry James Barber. Click here to view
 "This film revealed the true scope of EE's operations, and it was really interesting to see how this plethora of real-time data from around the country is used. Both SaltTV and EE were great in allowing a deceptively simple story to emerge from a lot of footage."' - James Barber

Blueberry HQ News:
Charlotte Miles  is setting up Editors Bootcamp to combat some of the physical problems associated with sitting in an edit suite all day....

“It got to the end of the day and as I stood to leave the edit suite, I realised just how sore my body was. My shoulders were tense from being hunched over the keyboard all day; my knees sore from being bent up under the desk and I felt a lethargy” - Charlotte Miles
Sound familiar?   Blueberry editor Charlotte Miles has been training as a personal trainer and been inspired to bring together her two passions: editing and physical training for strength and well being.  

It will be a space to de-compress and re-align the body, alongside fellow creatives who understand the pressures of working in the post industry. To register your interest in The Editors Bootcamp, please complete this very quick survey, so Charlotte can tailor the sessions specifically for your needs; or contact Charlotte
There is no stopping Maria and her daughter Sophia who are all set take part in another 5K run at Richmond Park on 31st May.
Donations are going towards the Chestnut Grove Tabitha Housing Project, which is sending Sophia to Cambodia to help build houses in July. Good luck ladies! You have more energy than us!

Support by visiting Maria's just giving page 
Please state you are donating on behalf of Sofia Carter-Sohlen

Love Sci-Fi? Take a look at blueberry editor Ed Bishop's recent entry for this years London 48hr Sci-Fi film challenge!

'A great experience and I would highly recommend this competition. Gareth Edwards the Director of this summer’s uber block buster Godzilla won the competition back in 2008, so if you’ve got ambitions to have your vision of the Apocalypse put on the big screen in 2020 enter next year!' - Ed Bishop, Editor

Final words...
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