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Springing into the year with optimism and appetite, this month's newsletter is about people making a difference through their creativity and actions in the world, we hope you enjoy!  

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Covelong Point, Earthsync, Feature Documentary
Director/Editor: Arturo Calvete

"The best thing about working on a project such as 'Covelong Point' is the human inspiration.
Everyone who worked on the film can't deny they were not inspired by Murthy... His love for surfing, his devotion to social work, and his dream to open a Surf School against all odds. Jobs like these that satisfy the soul, remind us of how lucky we are to work in film-making."

- Arturo Calvete, Director, Editor
Nominated for best surf film at Byron Bay Film Festival this is the story of one man, Murthy, a fisherman and his quest to set up the first surfing village in India.  â€¨With nothing more than a few old boards, a deep passion for surfing and teaching others to surf, Murthy strives alone to nurture the awakening of a new surfing culture against the backdrop of an ancient, simple culture.   Follow the Covelong Point Journey
Opportunity: Voice of a Woman - Awareness Films
The Voice of a Woman (VOW) seek an editor to create a series of short films for UNICEF to support their campaign to end sexual violence against children, leading up to a global summit led by Angelina Jolie and WIlliam Hague, to be held in London, in June 2014.
This is a charity project @ Bhavinee for details.
You may have read recently about Jemima Khan, J.K. Rowling, Victoria Beckham and others supporting the same UNICEF campaign and its petition.  VOW are working with UNICEF to build greater public awareness and encourage people to sign the petition, and have staged a series of live concerts featuring women singers raising their voices in support.  Visit the VOW website
Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I'm Gay, Optomen, Channel 4
Editor: Denis McWilliams

In this one-off documentary Dr Christian Jessen goes undercover to both investigate and undertake controversial gay 'cures' in the UK and the USA. 
"Cutting the film with director Adam was an education, and the cures themselves made for a dramatic and moving film."
- Denis McWilliams - Editor

Catch up on 40D 
Mazda - Hero, Vice
Editor: Robin Schmidt
Robin Schmidt has cut a project for Vice about the Norwegian town of Rjukan....Tucked in-between steep mountains, the town is normally shrouded in shadow for almost six months a year, until last October when the town experienced faint rays from the winter sun for the first time thanks to three giant mirrors placed on a mountain.

'It's always a pleasure working at Vice, they always find unusual stories to present and you end up learning about all sorts of ideas as you work, with the Rjukan sun mirror film they'd really pushed the boat out in terms of production value and authorship and we ended up with a very quirky, unique piece of work that ended up being a lot of fun to craft.' - Robin Schmidt - Editor

Check out Vice TV here
Auf Weidersen My Pet, Shine TV, ITV
Editors: Will Evans / Brenna Rangott / Gabriel Edvy
New to ITV Daytime, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will see pet owners who for genuine personal reasons have to make the tough decision to give up their much-loved animals. 

"Watching the moment Josh had to give up Tyson, his pet staffy and best friend since the age of thirteen, was rather traumatic.  But that didn't affect my enjoyment of working as part of a series that i hope will be a great success."
- Will Evans - Editor    
Watch on ITV Player 
To Catch a Thief, Optomen, Channel 5
Editor: Simon Abrahams
Master thief Richard Taylor has turned his life around and now wants to reverse the trend in shoplifting by advising retailers on how to beat the thieves at their own game. He and serving copper Will Davies are travelling around the country, demonstrating some of the scams that thieves use to grab the goods and some of the gaping holes in store security. The results are gobsmacking!
Live From Space: Houston We Have A Problem, Arrow TV, Channel 4
Editor: Daniel Garcia

Congratulations to Blueberry editor Daniel Garcia Robles who edited 'Live in Space: Houston we have a problem' for arrow TV. The channel 4 space documentary kept the channels ratings in orbit with 1.6m viewers!
View moments of Drama!

'a gripping job of cataloguing all the life-threatening things that can go wrong on a space mission. By the end, you wondered how anybody makes it off the International Space Station alive.'  - METRO

Blueberry HQ News:
This month we're having a lot of fun building a Vimeo library with everyone's most beautiful efforts to showcase to clients near and far. Irantzu and Sarah are  preparing colourful changes - watch this space! Liam has flown the nest with luck and love under his wings and Halle has shed the crutches and stepped in to run the design desk whilst we recruit a hot new consultant. Maria is up at the crack of dawn daily training at Richmond Park (see below!) and Bhavinee is preparing for a US road trip!... Heather will be rubbing shoulders in theatre land at the Olivier Awards soon and the girls on accounts have wrangled InTime to a smooooth flow - so happy for this!  
On the 5th April Maria and her daughter Sofia will run a 5K race in Richmond Park, to help fundraise for Sofia, who in July will be visiting Cambodia with her school to help build houses. Donations are going towards the Chestnut Grove Tabitha Housing Project.
"Any size donation will help make a positive impact for children in Cambodia." -Maria Sohen 
Support by visiting Maria's just giving page 
Please state you are donating on behalf of Sofia Carter-Sohlen

Blueberry editor Adam Pannell is running this years London marathon on behalf of the charity Sense, who work with deaf blind people.  He's already clocked up 400 miles in training so far this year!  Help Adam Reach His Goal

"My wife works as a sign language interpreter, so I often see first hand how being deaf affects not only those afflicted but their loved ones on who they rely heavily. To be deprived of not just one, but two senses is a challenge beyong comprehension." - Adam Pannell 

Designer Ibrahim Ahmed is back from his photo expedition in Brazil!  "This spring I spent a few weeks travelling around the NW coast of Brazil. The timing coincided with that famous Brazilian Carnival. Unlike the glamorous Rio, or the popular Salvador, I chose to spend my 5 days of festivities in the gritty city of Recife. Described to me as 'The Real Carnival of Brazil', I aimed to collect a series of images that summarised this beer-soaked melting pot of age, sex and social status." - Ibrahim Ahmed

You may be aware of the new HMRC legislation coming up affecting sole traders working with agencies. The legislation which comes into effect on 6th April requires that all payments we make to sole traders be minus deductions for PAYE. The legislation does not affect Ltd Companies invoices and payments for Ltd companies will be processed as normal.
Opening a Ltd Company?  Get in touch 
Staying as sole trader? Let us know
Unsure what to do? Email us 

2014 BAFTA Craft Nominations for projects cut by Blueberry talent.... Well done to Yulia Martynova worked on 'David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D' which is nominated for three awards.  And also awesomes to  Felix Black for his work on 'Micro Monsters with David Attenborough: Predator' which is nominated for an award.

Best of luck guys!  


Congratulations to Blueberry clients TwoFour and Windfall who were both winners at this years 2014 Broadcast Awards.

Windfall won the best documentary award and Twofour picked up awards best documentary series and best independant production company catergories.

2014 Winners
Blueberry Editor Tom Hawksley has created a solution for Red Bee Media - he's currently Beta testing language syncing software he created for international re-versioning work.    "Due to the large amount of unformatted subtitle text documents provided by international dubbing houses for Disney and other US broadcasters, I have created a catch all solution that converts any text document directly to subtitles within edit software. The software can output an xml file for FCP putting hundreds of subtitles over a programme in a matter of seconds  saving hours of painstaking work." 
Click here to see it in action 
Jonny has a great response to his Ebook "How to be a Freelance Creative' it's growing in popularity and you can still download a free sample to explore....  What tips would YOU like to share? 
Final words...
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