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It's time to talk about the weather.
Someone mentioned a heatwave coming, that was last week. Although there was a sunny Saturday, and half a sunny Monday, that doesn't count as one.

What I did notice, however, was the temperature at 7.30 Monday morning.
Between 4 and 5 degrees Celsius.
Later that day it was around 20 at some stage.

That is a huge change. My acupuncturist, Dr. Gascoigne, mentioned the speed of the change; the point being that we need to keep warm and dry and also cool depending on the temperature.
These big changes can seriously affect our health from a TCM pov. (Tradition Chinese Medicine point of view).

Hawthorn TreeI mentioned the haw blossom in class, it had more to do with the healing sound of the "Merry-go-round" Qigong exercise we are doing at the moment.
It helps deal with arthritis, diabetes, stomach problems, and bowel movement.
The class was really going for it.
HAAAAWWW, great for clearing blockages in the tummy and the mind.

We did so much on releasing negative emotions (anger) and strengthening positive emotions like forgiveness, loving kindness, generosity, with "Daoist Healing Sounds Meditation for the Liver".

The Daoist healers really observe human nature. On practicing "their" healing exercises, we have to be honest with ourselves. This gets us in touch with who we are, in turn giving ourselves the benefit of true changes for mental and physical health.

If you want to try any of these healing techniques do join the classes in Bantry, Ballydehob and Cork, or register for the upcoming workshop on the Heart and Summer Energy and its Emotions (FYI; Haste, Arrogance, Impatience dissolve into Love, Joy, Happiness!)

Starting Friday May 4 in Bantry. 11.30 AM at the Life Balance Yoga Centre, on Main Street.

The Summer Qigong Workshop will be on Sunday 27th May from 10 AM to 4.30 PM, at the Nano Nagle Birthplace Centre.
Cost: €90. Please send a €30 non-refundable deposit to my iban account to secure your place.

Keep belly breathing,

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