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Indoors for Paddy's day? Read ondog in dishwasher.

First though, how not to load the dishwasher.

There is a lot of info out there now on covid-19.
In class, I have mentioned various strategies on staying healthy and if you become unwell, pump up the volume of vitamins, qigong, rest and right food.

Here is some of the info that makes the most sense to me.

Vitamins to take to Protect Against Coronavirus 
Hopefully the benefits of high dosage vitamin C will be recognised soon.
Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19

This explains the spread of covid-19 in graphs it's scary so will bring home why we must continue to be vigilant.

So far there are few people at the lessons. I have been teaching different qigong exercises for the lungs and how to develop "iron shirt" for resistance to viral (and physical) attacks. Having strong flowing chi will go a long way in preventing vulnerability to catching or succumbing to flu-like symptoms. 
We might have to stop the lessons... so;

Who wants to do on-line classes? Please reply to this mail.

We would discuss and practise virus preventing and health strengthening qigong movements, and you would be able to see my whole body practise the exercise, even if you don't have a way of setting up a webcam properly for me to see your movements.
The right foods will also be on the menu.

The friday lessons in An Sanctoir could be held outdoors. Who wants to try that?
The room is very spacious, so we can easily keep our distance if it's raining. The door handles are regularly cleaned and I'll bring natural oil sprays for disinfecting. 

Here is my
teacher's next course: Saturday 10 a.m. 18th April 2020 Ireland. This is an intensive full-day workshop plus continuing student support. 😍 Don't miss this empowerment. 

Manjushri is the transcendental wisdom of every Buddha. In the Buddhist sutra, it states that practising Manjushri Yoga Dharma can increase merit and fortune; knowledge and wisdom; memory and eloquence; intelligence and learning; writing, literary and academic success.

One who accomplishes the practice can eliminate ignorance, foolishness, muteness and every karma of speech, and can realise the true meaning of and expound the magic of every dharma. ☸️

Some exercises we can do as well as the lung ones i've shown in class.
Vid by Bruce Frantzis.

Let me know what you think.

Keep on belly breathing,


Details of times/venues

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