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Self Healing Exercise Tai Chi & Chi Gung
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Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 2020

Is still on friday mornings 9.30 for all ages.
Self healing exercises from the ancients the way the are meant to be practised, passed on from generation to generation.
The Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Series was created by Professor Lin Hou Sheng from China in 1979. He is a famous and influential Chinese Qigong master and professor of physical education.
In 1980 he successfully performed Qigong Anesthesia on a thyroid tumor removal operation, which was later implemented on stomach surgeries
Taiji Qigong combines Taiji's slow and even movements with Qigong's continuous breathing and meditation.
Tai Chi Qigong ShibashiCurrently, over 10 million people around the world are practicing this exercise.

Mark, who began his yoga/tai chi journey in the 70's, has been practising this particular form since 1999.

Class is on Friday mornings at 9.30 - 10.30. In An Sanctóir, Ballydehob.

Drop-in possible, best to join for 5 weeks minimum. €78
Concessions at 20%.

Twin Dragons Qigong.

Millenia old exercise from Dao and Buddha traditions of qigong.
Dragon Qigong is normally, but not exclusively, associated with Taoist practices from Wudang Mountain in China.  

Every Tuesday evening 6.00 -7.30.

Keep on belly breathing,


Details of times/venues

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