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Hello everyone interested in finding out more about self healing. Below is a list of foods that are very good for Kidney health and healing.

At the moment I’m very excited about the course coming up next weekend in Ballygriffin, near Mallow.

The last bit of research is being rounded off to get copied, participants are going to receive lots of paper with tips and reminders of what we are going to do, so they won’t have any excuses to ever stop practicing!

Today I will share what I found out so far about everyday food that targets the organ of the season according to the millennium old health system of the Chinese Daoists and other healers. Now called traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

I’ve mentioned before that often the colour associated with the TCM season/organ (there is even a direction and best time of day connected to each) will help in finding the right food.
So eat lots of blue and even black food......
OK that’s a joke. It’s going to be different this time. Can’t have you eating E’s or blue M & M’s all day.

Here we go, let me know!

Eat seasonal foods, not too fatty nor processed food. Have a warm breakfast.

Foods that build a strong Kidney function:

warming hearty soups like bone soup, steaming rosehip tea. Sea salt (but never too much of any one thing), miso, molasses and soya sauce.

Beans to fortify the kidney, black beans, kidney beans, red adzuki beans, broad beans and lentils.

Fish and shellfish are a good source of protein around winter time. Especially good and neutral in energy are:Carp, oyster, scallop, shark, squid. Eel, lobster, shrimp.

Maize is a neutral nrg grain, then oats and quinoa.

Seeds and nuts; chestnut, pistachio, sesame and walnut.

Neutral meat; duck, chicken, pork. Then chicken, all kidneys (especially lamb), mutton, chicken eggs, sheep and goats milk.

Neutral temperature giving veg; potato, yam, sweet potato, string bean. Then alfalfa sprout, asparagus, celery, bell pepper. Seaweed has a very cooling energy.

Warming herbs; aniseed, basil, caraway, chive (leaf & seed), clove, dill, fennel, fenugreek seed, juniper, nettle, parsley, oregano, black pepper, rosemay, sage, thyme.

USA ginseng & bee pollen are neutral. Algae/cool. Coffee & staranise are warming.

A bit of common sense is required, mixing foods is better than eating the same one for days. If you are literally sick of something then it’s probably not good for you!

See you somewhere, sometime.

Mark van Dam

SMA, Wilton; Tuesdays- 18.00 PM   5 wks. €75

An Sanctoir; Fridays - 09.30 AM     5 wks. €75

Clonakilty Qigong, Wednesdays - 18.30 PM   5 wks. €75

Nano Nagle Centre, Ballygriffin, weekend of 27th and 28th January 2018.

Just €150 for two whole days of hands-on learning and practise
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