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What  a misty morning here in West Cork.

I must remember to play that Jazz tune next gig. "Misty", hello.

The weather is preventing me from assessing the bee hives. But there is lots to do on our small holding.

The two ewes have 4 lambs between them, we have a loan of two ponies to keep the grass down, I recently collected the lawn mower and my wife happily mows all day long when it's dry.

The kids will be off school for ever soon, after the 3 day school musical, which I am playing in, too. The headmaster makes me cancel gigs which clash with his (fantastic) show. And I have plenty.

Oh, it sounds like bragging, but there is a lot going on in summer, which is reflected by the low numbers attending classes.

So without father ado, The last lesson this season is today, in Cork. Then we are free as birds to practise at any time of day for two ! whole months.

Indian Summer lessons begin Tuesday 4 September at the SMA, and Friday 7 September in Ballydehob.

There is a:

Seasonal Qigong Workshop for the Spleen and Stomach

Sunday 9 September, Nano Nagle Birthplace, Ballygriffin

More on that soon, very informative email coming up.

Keep practising!!!


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