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As the sunlight gets less and less, the energy we receive from it also diminishes.
Just look at the trees and plants as they look barren or even disappear during our winter.
In fact they are just dormant. They need light to grow.

We also need this energy from the sun. E.g. vitamin D for our bones, as well as its warmth.

How do we harness this lack of sun for our benefit rather than letting it deteriorate us?
I am grateful to have some of this knowledge, but let me explain some thin
gs first.

After the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere (most of you reading this are on it) the shortest day will end Friday, December 21, 2019 at 5:23 p.m.
The start of yang qi becoming stronger starts then but the sun rises (god willing) the following morning at 08.39.
We won't notice the change in warmth for several weeks though.

So, in a way, it is spring, from an energetic point of view.
Because the Yang side of the sunlight coin increases and the Yin side diminishes.

In fact in China, where the ancient sages studied this well before the Buddha was on the scene, wise men and women lived with nature rather than ignore it. They found ways to harmonise with this ebb of light, through a deep understanding  of nature's forces on our bodies and having studied its effects.

I presume they advised "hibernating", well, becoming more inwardly orientated...

So, more rest, more meditation or contemplation, earlier nights, not for the young outgoing types living in city so.
Well how about trying something easier like Qigong?
Fasting or at least dieting at the solstice time has a great effect for our health farther down the line, when spring growth has it's fresh start.

Think it through, the gut desludges, liver and kidney have less filtering work to do because we've stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, eating sugar and white flour, giving our insides a chance to clean itself.

The body actually continually does this, so we're giving it the upper hand.

Give liver detox a go now, even if it's from now till Xmas.

Of course the new courses will show you more ways to keep the body healthy by giving it an upper hand in different ways on a regular basis.

Join us in the new year:

SMA, Wilton; Tuesday 7 January 2020 - 18.00 PM   5 wks. €78

An Sanctoir; Friday 11 January 2020 - 09.30 AM     5 wks. €78

Single lessons €21

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