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The buzz word in the health sector at the moment is self-care.

I'm chuffed with that because that is a very good description of what we work at doing any of the mindfulness, breathing based, heart pressure lowering, monkey-mind quieting exercise like tai chi and qigong.

It's not for nothing I like to call it self-healing.

(Your)self does the work.

Practising various styles with several teachers 30 years or so, I can show you the way

at my classes.

No-one can do qigong for you. It's not like popping a pill.

When you practise, however, you not only improve your health, but also lead by example.
We practitioners become relatively calm, and it helps one to think more clearly.

An extreme example of the benefits is how practising helps me to not have others push my buttons. Yes, I have lost my cool sometimes, but being a practitioner of qigong, I calmed down very soon and was able to see how I lost it so quick that I could apologise straight away, helping to clear the awful guilt/anger etc that follows when a situation isn't resolved. 

This teacher is human and doesn't pretend to be any better than you. Let's keep it real.

The self-care being promoted by the Narain sisters; "spreads the simple but crucial message that unless we truly love and look after ourselves, we are unable to look after and love anybody else". 
It's like being told in an airplane to put on your oxygen mask in the case of emergency before putting it on your child's.

In my classes, 
we don't "just":

  • learn how to breathe well, maximising the usage of oxygen
  • circulate blood and chi around the whole body
  • move our bodies in a relaxing, loosening way
  • lightly stretch all the muscles, sinews and joints
  • follow guided meditations
We also work on our emotions, the human emotions that can cause havoc to our well-being.

Sincerely wishing you the best of health in 2018,

Mark van Dam

Join us in the new year:

SMA, Wilton; Tuesday 9 January 2018 - 18.00 PM   5 wks. €75

An Sanctoir; Friday 12 January 2018 - 09.30 AM     5 wks. €75

Clonakilty Qigong, Wednesday January 17 - 18.30 PM   5 wks. €75

Nano Nagle Centre, Ballygriffin, weekend of 27th and 28th January 2018.

Just €125 for two whole days of hands-on learning and practise
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