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Liver Detox Page

Thank you for the €318 in donations. They were paid by members directly to childrens charities.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Season of the Lung is during the Autumn

Once the temperature cools we need to work on our immune system and healthy air converters.

Here are some Lung related sickness that Qigong Exercise may prevent or improve, according to scientific research. 

Cough, Cold, Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Flu, Hay fever, Pneumonia, Emphysema.

Some of the best foods for lung health include pumpkin, papayas, spinach, kale, red & yellow peppers, guava, black beans, lentils, wild salmon and russet potatoes.

Researchers concluded that increased folate intake could benefit lung function overall.

The two foods highest in dietary folate per serving are black beans and lentils.

B-6 sources (also decreasing risk of lung cancer) are sunflowers, Pistachios, cooked tuna, dried prunes, wild salmon and russet potatoes.

More food info at the online courses which you can join anytime.


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The Lungs in Chinese Medicine

The Lungs are primarily responsible for physical vitality and are said to govern Qi in the body.

They have to do with boundary, breath and renewal.

The Lung’s paired Organ, the Colon, is concerned with release and elimination.

Eat; pungent-flavoured foods. i.e. they have a strong or sharp taste and/or smell to the extreme.

Lung Strengthening Qigong Exercises

The online Qigong Course will consist of stimulating the Lungs and their intrinsic energy by learning and practising the following Exercises to prevent or alleviate respiratory health challenges.

They also stimulate the heart and therefore help to overcome depression:

  • Open the Chest Wide” then “Pigeon Spreads Its Wings”

  • Swing Arms To Disperse Clouds”, also for pericardium channels & clearing the head.

  • Scoop Water From The Sea And Look Up At The Sky”, also dissolves tension, pain & anger.

  • The Wild Goose Flies In The Air”, great lung workout.

  • Shoot Arrows Left and Right”, also combats sadness and hypertension.

  • Green Dragon Separating Water” also helps poor posture and a nervous disposition.


We will do Daoist Healing Sounds Meditation for the Lungs at the end of each session.

Keep belly breathing,


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