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How are you? Long time no see.

Did you ever read about the backson? It's from Winnie the Pooh.

Owl goes aI'll be back soonway for a spell and leaves a badly written note saying he'll be back soon, but Piglet interprets it as owl being in trouble caused by the backson.

The message seems to be that it's all in the mind, we make up stories and feelings and fantastical inventions in our heads and then turn them into our reality, which causes unnecessary trouble.

E.g. My son says he's unpopular at school. He has friends, came 4th in the West Cork schoolboys league orienteering yesterday, has some success and great fun at rugby & gaa. But, he's made up his mind (hopefully not for too long) that that feeling is now fixed in stone.
You try to get the embedded nonsense out! I try to just listen and get him to talk about it.

We do the same thing with tiredness, depression, thinking bad of ourselves, illness, bad sleep, laziness, and way more, you tell me.

I'll tell you that one just needs to motivate oneself to change, and then you can change most situations, at least partly for the better.

Tai Chi (it's just one of the many self healing tools that work for me) has taught me many things, but one is self discipline. With that one effort, I can cure my laziness, tiredness, unfitness, stupidity.... 

Learning to simply get over myself, my ego and the nonsense that makes me physically, emotionally and mentally unwell is a great way to achieve health.

In class we learn how to prevent illness, tiredness, stress, upset minds and tummies, ageing too fast, stop bad habits, calm the mind, breathe well, you name it.

Of course you need to practise, I do, for the last 40 years or so.

Let me show you how to feel your energy levels rise, feel better, do better, sleep better, work without exhaustion, how to catch and skin a wild rabbit (still reading? haha).

Practise with me, use the videos and online files or paper handouts and be a fitter you as you reach middle age or older (like me, 60 next year and still breaking surfboards in the ocean).

Teaching in Ballydehob Friday mornings 9.30.

New Course starting Tuesdays 6.30 PM, January 7, 2020 at the SMA, Wilton, Cork

All the best,


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